"Hey there, Scoop,

Figured this would be up your alley.  Just got home from a screening of AfterLife, the new Christina Ricci/Liam Neeson thriller.  The movie was just so/so, but oh've got your nude scene of the year.  Scenes.  Film.  Yeah.  No doubt, 100%, unless someone like ScarJo decides to remake Debbie Does Dallas.

30 seconds in, you have her nude in bed with Justin Long.  Credits, brief scene with Neeson, BAM: tits.  After a brief time out, there's another topless scene in a dream sequence.  Then a little after the halfway point, she gets completely naked on the slab and stays that way until the climax of the film (no pun intended).  The only thing you don't see explicitly is the coochie.  Everything else?  Her boobs must have at least 10 minutes of screen time in close-up, HD glory.  You can count goosebumps.  For those of us who appreciate Ms. Ricci, this is absolutely the holy grail.  Unless she releases a sex tape, you aren't going to see more of her for longer, in better detail.

Mr. Dark"



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Confessions of a Window Cleaner


Today the Time Machine goes back to the seventies for another British sex comedy. This one again stars lucky Robin Askwith and a bevy of beautiful women.

Linda Hayden is back and shows Robin her tits and hairy bush. She was a sweet looking chick. Caps and a clip.

Then we have a pair of chicks that Robin looks in on while on his job as a window cleaner.

First Andee Cromarty playa a window dresser who has her tits exposed. Caps with a clip.

Then Carol Augustine reveals all including her bush. Caps with a clip.




Love Object


Melissa Sagemiller film clips (samples below)

Minimal nudity, but  very erotic.





Following the identification of Carole Mallory in Looking for Mr Goodbar I have changed the caps to show her name. I now know why she looked familiar - I only capped her a couple of months ago in Fantasy Island!






AnnaLynne McCord in Day of the Dead

Kate Hepburn in African Queen. face it, pard, you ain't never gonna see them titties, but you can come close right here.

Kate Luyben in Semi-Pro

Melanie Griffith in Something Wild

Mercedes McNab and Joleigh Fioravanti in Hatchet

Eva Green in The Dreamers

Lucy Lawless in Spartacus

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Sherrybaby

Portia, Kate and Elle the Body in Sirens

Eniko Mihalik


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Valerie Steffen in Sauf votre respect


Susan Ward in Order of Chaos



Film Clips

Katia Winter in Unmade Beds (sample below)

Deborah Francois in Unmade Beds (sample below)

Jo Kyeong-sook in Baekyahaeng (sample below)

Christine Nguyen and Tabitha Taylor in Housebroken (see below)

Jennifer Lopez Butt-crack

Gabrielle Richens in Hack



And today's Dutch chicks:

Sylvia Kristel in La Marge

Tatjana Simic in Bananasplit

Delfine Bafort in Steve + Sky (OK, she's not Dutch. She's Flemish. Close enough.)

More of Delfine Bafort in Steve + Sky