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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










Golden Temple Amazons


Alicia Principe gives it all up. Analia Ivers provides the guest breasts. Caps and a clip.





TV Land

Christina Ricci pays a visit to Leno, Clips and a cap.







Notes and collages

Quiet Chaos


Isabella Ferrari




Erotic Fantasies


Scorpion's comment: "I remember reading some hubbub years ago about Tammy Cook and this video. Not sure what the big deal was. She has no resume, is pretty and for us Yanks has that killer accent."

Tammy Cook (film clip)






The Reader


Kate Winslet strips, finally wins the Oscar in her sixth nomination.

Film clips here. Collages below



And the other (female) nudity in the film:

Jeanette Hain film clip. (Sample right)
Karoline Herfurth film clip. (Sample right)






Butterfly Effect 3


I really liked 2004's The Butterfly Effect, which I felt was excellent Sci-Fi. Not everyone agreed, but I'm happy again with 2009's The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelation that surprisingly was as good as the original. It's not a true sequel, because the characters are all different, but the theme is the same. Like the original, this is more a time change movie than a time travel movie.

Sam can go back in time, called a "jump", and he uses his powers to earn his living, by observing killers in action and identifying them to police. He must be careful because if he changes anything, even accidentally, the butterfly effect could cause history to change, and he would return to a completely different present with no memory of what happened in his new history.

Breaking his own rules, Sam decides to help the sister of his murdered teenage girlfriend find out who the real murderer was. She feels that the person who is on death row is not the true killer. Unfortunately, unable to stop himself from trying to help the girl avoid the attack, he winds up changing history and returns to a world he doesn't know, with problems that didn't previously exist. Each attempt to fix things causes worse problems and leaves his memory more scrambled than ever.

Outstanding Sci-Fi, well written and well acted....just a blast to watch.

Melissa Jones Richardson












Anna Moffo, the popular opera singer who caused a scandal in the 60s when she got naked in a film called Una storia d'amore. Some years later, she married Robert Sarnoff, the legendary chairman of RCA.



Film Clips

Edwige Fenech film festival, part nine. We're now up to 1974. Edwige was 26, more or less: La Signora gioca bene a scopa

Charlotte Salt in the Tudors - season 3 premiere in HD. Very pretty girl.

The women of Timebomb (1991):

Simone Thomalla in Liebe Macht Sexy

Yuriko Yoshitaka in Snakes and Earrings