Good Luck Chuck

This film doesn't come out until August, but I think I can sum up the appeal of the trailer in one phrase: Jessica Alba in her underpants.

La Alba



* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

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* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







The Girl from Trieste

The Girl from Trieste (1982) is an Italian love story starring Ben Gazzara as an American cartoonist living in Italy, and Ornella Muti as the woman he falls in love with. Mimsy Farmer plays his ex-girlfriend. IMDb claims a 113 minute running time, the DVD jacket says 90 minutes, and it is actually 98:44. I have no idea what, if anything, was cut from this version, but there were no obvious edits.

Gazzara is working at the beach when Muti is rescued from the surf. He donates a blanket to cover her, and she shows up at his home to return the blanket. The two end up in bed. He is absolutely captivated, but at the same time frustrated because she seems to lie more often than she tells the truth, and constantly disappears. He finally finds her during one of her disappearances, and discovers that she is a patient at a mental hospital, and has been diagnosed with manic depressive disorder. After a brief reunion fling with Mimsy, he decides he loves Ornella, and moves her in with him. Living with a nut case, even a beautiful sexy one, proves to be more of a challenge than he expected.

This is a reasonably good story about a man trying to love a beautiful but flawed woman, and hence has merit as a story. The excellent nudity is a bonus.

This was probably a very good looking film originally, but the transfer is grainy and a little oversaturated in sections, no doubt a result of the remastering. The English soundtrack is also occasionally mushy. The Widescreen transfer, while far from perfect, is good enough that it won't be a major annoyance.

Overall, this is a C-.

IMDb readers say 6.2, but based on only 40 votes. The low number of votes, of course, indicates how rare this film has been.

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Mimsy Farmer shows her buns.
Ornella Muti shows full frontal and rear nudity.









The Rowdy Girls


Today it's "Rowdy Girls" part 3.  Deanna Brooks was Playboy Playmate of the month in May

of 98.  Caps and five clips of this cute little vixen.









The Hard Corps

Philip Sauvage (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a veteran of the American Special Forces who's recently returned from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sauvage is convalescing in a Veteran's Hospital when he's approached by an old service buddy who hires Sauvage to assist him in a private security detail.

The job is to protect Wayne Barclay (Raz Adoti), a former boxing champion turned community entrepreneur. A vicious gangsta rap mogul sent to prison because of Wayne's testimony is sprung from the clink prematurely and informs his posse that he wants Wayne dead ASAP. When the Army buddy who hires Sauvage soon ends up dead in an assassination attempt on Wayne, Sauvage is persuaded by Wayne's sister and business manager (Vivica A. Fox) to take over the security detail. He'll then recruit a combination of former service buddies and trusted associates of Wayne, and train them to become the Hard Corps.


Brandy Alexander


Sharon Amos


Viveca A Fox








Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 25

Season Four, Episode 5

(No caps from episode 4, in case you are collecting)

Claudia Black, s4, e5

Raelee Hill, s4, e5


Rebecca Riggs, s4, e5








Hollywood Sex Fantasies

(unrated version)

part 2 of 3


Flower Edwards (film clip)
Kelli McCarty (film clip)
Tracy Ryan (film clip)








2004 Canadian ahhts-ploitation with a brother-incest theme which is popular with the turtleneck crowd at Toronto Film Festival. But they all really came to see Emily Hampshire showing her coochie.


"Kenny vs. Spenny"

episode: "Who Can Make a Better Porno?"

A friends-who-hate-each-other reality cable series from Canada. This episode got heavily edited before airing on Showcase but the eventual DVD release will be much more explicit. The porn actress was played by Candy Cane who starred in "Fresh Faces 4" along with Ray Wolfe who played the porn producer in the same episode.

Candy Cane: pixellated hardcore from "Kenny"
Candy Cane: hardcore foursome from "Fresh Faces IV"

After a three year absence the Czechsploitation genre has resurfaced at Lloyd Simandl has decided to sell his uncut movies directly rather going through various censors. (The British remove the flogging scenes, the Yanks remove the sex scenes, and the Japanese fuzz out the coochie shots). There are over a dozen uncut movies listed, many of them new releases not available through traditional sources such as Amazon and your local Blockbuster.


Dozens of new faces but the returns include:

 Katerina Hovorkova (Run with Fear)

and Lucie Haluzikova (Twisted Love)


Those two have appeared in other video productions  performing some hardcore masturbation.

Katerina Hovorkova (Guess Who's Cumming?)
Lucie Haluzikova (EuroBabes #9)


Lucie Haluzikova is best remembered as the May 2003 Hefmag Czechmate for the Czech Republic edition.






Four from Les Cahiers Intimes, or, if my French is correct "The Prompt Cashiers." HINT: my French is never correct.
Helene Detous Ilona Fouchet Nathalie Commalin Olga Bousse
Emmanuelle Chriqui falls out of her dress at the premiere of the new season of Entourage. The third is the worst photo, but the only full nipple.
A collage of the best of the Lucy Pinder topless material
Hi Scoopy

Here are some caps I made from the Scorpion clip you posted today of Kelly McGillis in the uncensored version of Cat Chaser. There is a logo in the upper left corner (Scorpion?) which was on the clip. I did not remove it. Of course the original size was small and is far short of DVD quality, but I resized and "improved" (?) it as well as I could.