The Looming Tower

s1e8, 1080hd

Annie Parisse

Naked News

Madison Banes pulled an April Fool's Day prank on Alana Blaire

Eila Adams did the Naked Entertainment segment on April 3


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1999, 1920x899

Patricia Arquette

Authors Anonymous

Kaley Cuoco

 and Teri Polo are sexy in Authors Anonymous (2014)

The Lodgers

The Lodgers is a thriller about a twin brother and a sister (Charlotte Vega) who are cursed to live in a house that is haunted by apparitions that allow them to stay as long as they follow the rules. But when the sister meets a crippled young man, she falls for him and starts breaking the rules causing the apparitions to become restless and putting the twins in danger

Charlotte Vega film clip (samples below)

Yuliya Khlynina and Severija Janusauskaite in Selfie (2018; 1080hd)



Victoria Sordo and Emma Jane in Am Abend aller Tage (2017) in 720p

Mel Lisboa in Presenca de Anita (s1e3) in 720p
Sexy Brazilian series from 2001. More to come in later editions.
(NOTE: these clips are labeled 720p, but seem to be sub-HD quality.)

Amy Brenneman in the first-ever episode of NYPD Blue, now in 1080hd for the first time