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Anna Paquin

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The Keeper


There are a number of topless women:

 Alexandria Morrow,

Angela Serrano

and one not identified.

Liezl Carstens is looking good.

No Culpes Al Karma ...


Scoop's note: the full title translates as (approximately) Don't Blame Karma for What Happens to Assholes

Johnny's comments:

A new Spanish movie which piqued my interest because fave Verónica Echegui is the star of it.

No Culpes al Karma de lo que te Pasa por Gilipollas (the English translation is something like Don't Blame Karma If Your Life Is Ruined By A Bunch Of Arseholes or something like that) is a romantic comedy where feather obsessed fashion designer Sara's (Verónica Echegui) life is about to be turned upside down just as she is finally in a good spot with her long term boyfriend Roberto (David Verdaguer). He is moving to Paris with work for a year, but Sara doesn't want to go even though her fashion shop is failing. She decides to stay, but that turns out to be a big mistake because her model sister Lu (Alba Galocha) is back in town and needs a place to stay and so does her father (Jordi Sánchez) who decides to leave their mother (Elvira Mínguez). To top it off, Lu brings her musician boyfriend Aarón (Álex García) with her, who just happens to be Sara's high school crush she never really got over. As Sara prepares for a fashion show that will hopefully save her business, her home becomes a madhouse while she attempts a long distance relationship with Roberto via Skype. When he comes back for a few days to be with her, Roberto brings his friend Eric (James Williams) to join the madhouse and that's when he drops the bombshell that he's moving permanently to Hong Kong for work. Sara doesn't want to join him, but when her fashion show goes disastrously, she reluctantly joins him where more disaster ensues. Can Sara and Roberto stay together or will something better be around the corner?

Familiar romantic comedy where the outcome is never really in doubt and while there's a laugh or two at the zaniness, the movie never really reaches any great heights or stretches itself beyond the obvious.

Alba Golocha film clip (collages below)

Veronica Echegui film clip (collages below) 

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(This enhanced clip has been created to show the difference between the widescreen and the fullscreen versions. Excellent work.)

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