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Catriona Balfe provided some nice nudity in episode nine of Outlander

Shameless has probably been the most dependable series for nudity this year. Last night's episode (s5e12) was no exception. Here are the film clips, as pictured below:

Bojana Novakovic

Kate Morgan Chadwick

Emily Rossum

In the French nudity section below, Defoe has the latest from Cain (s3e2), Falco (s3e1), and Spotless (s1e5)

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"House of Cards"

The Netflix political potboiler occasionally spices things up with some nudity

Season Three



Olivia Luccardi


Love is Now

Janini Milet



Defoe's picks o the week:


all 1080hd


Laura Smet in Tiens toi Droite (2013), also in 1080hd



Pics and Collages

Amber Rose visits the beach, gets topless and bethonged

Lots of nekkid supermodels doing what nekkid supermodels do:

Daisy Lowe

more of Daisy, this time in Esquire

Ekaterina Zueva

Maggie Duran

Noot Seer to sell some denim

Noot Seer in S magazine

Rinko Kikuchi

Saskia De Brauw

Thais D'Lima