TV Round-Up

  Thandie Newton in Rogue (DirecTV), s1e1, 720p

Leah Gibson in Rogue, s1e3

Sarah Solemani in Love Matters (Sky Channel), s1e4

T-Ann Robson Manora in Spartacus, s3e9, full frontal with obvious merkin

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Lili Simmons


"Our Lady of Lust"


Brainscan's comments:

Toti Achilli and Eva Czemerys in vhs clips and caps of Our Lady of Lust.  This is one seriously messed up movie, as is true for nunsploitation films generally.  But even in the context of god-awful fare, this one stands out for its true god-awfulness.  It is Toti's only performance, according to IMDb and it is one of Eva's several.  The movie has moments of supposed mirth - WRONG! - and it is has other moments of intentional silliness that are swamped by the unintentional variety.  But in the end it turns dark and ugly and just plain hideous.  That's the word for Our Lady of Lust - it is simply, plainly, completely hideous.  If ever you get a chance to watch this drek, allow me to quote King Arthur and advise that you run away. 

Toti Achilli film clips (stills/collages below)

Eva Czemerys film clips (stills below)


Continuing with the films of 1973-74.

Today: exploitation films

Blue Summer


Any Mathieu

Chris Jordan

Jacqueline Carol

Joann Sterling

Lilly Bi Peep

Melissa Evers

Shana McGran

Candy Stripe Nurses


Candice Rialson

Elana Casey

Kimberly Hyde

Maria Rojo

Robin Mattson


The Arena


Lucretia Love

Margaret Markov

Maria Pia Conte

Marie Louise Sinclair

Pam Grier

Rosalba Neri

The Young Nurses


Angela Gibbs

Ashley Porter

Jeane Mason

Kimberly Hyde

Sally Kirkland

Terrill Maguire


Three and Out


Gemma Arterton film clip (1080p). Collages below.

Film Clips

Agustina Simonini in Tesis sobre un homicidio (2013). Europeans have a thing for autopsies.

Calu Rivero, also in Tesis sobre un homicidio

Katarzyna Herman in In the Bedroom (2012)

Pics and Collages

Jess Adams in The Wicked (2013)

Albina Dzhanabaeva in Betrayal (2012)

Deborah Francois in Populaire (2012)

Regina Lund in Karlekens Sprak 2000 (2004)

supposedly a naked pic of German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a young woman