Big Pink Japanese Penis Day

Oh, yeah ... and Easter Sunday

TV Recap

This week's episode of Critical, the hospital drama from the UK featured another nekkid patient.
(Miry Mayer)

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This show has never had any nudity, but this was sexy



Yvonne Strahovski



"Der Wustens" (2013)

Katarina Benesch collage


Love Projet

(2014, le film, aka "Love Project")

Artsy fartsy musical number directed by Carole Laure. The sensuality in this movie as not that appetizing but there’s plenty of upskirt shots in the dance sequences.

Natacha Filiatrault

Victoria Diamond

Myriam Farger


Myriam Farger: in skimpy bra and panties doing burlesque dance in youtube video.

Camping Sauvage

(2004, le film, aka Happy Camper)

This Quebec comedy is not to be confused with movie from France.

Sylvie Moreau: cleavage, fully clothed sex.

Méchant Party

 (2000, le film)

This rarity is only available on VHS.

Catherine-Anne Toupin: Unité 9 actress in very early role
(having fully clothed sex as a hooker)

  Sandrine Bisson: sexy as another hooker.

"Unité 9"

(le tv series, la saison trois finalé, le s3e24)

 Céline Bonnier: le brassiere after strip search.

le SPOILER: the third and final season of the French-language series "19-2" concluded last week. If Bravo renews the English-language version for season 3 than Catherine Berube (Audrey from the French series) should return as Bea's lesbian lover.


(tv series, episode Dark Arts, s2e08)

Tommie-Amber Pirie: in  nude sex scene but the only nudity is provided by her male co-star's stunt butt.

"Bates Motel"

 (tv series, season 3)

episode: "Persuasion" (s3e03)

Olivia Cooke: dolled up in party slut dress.

unknown: the obligatory dead hooker floating bare-assed in water.

episode: "Unbreak-able" (s3e04)

Vera Farmiga: brassiere with  butt and panties visible under girdle.


(tv series, episode: "Scavenger's Daughter," s2e09)

Dayle McLeod: bra and panties in weird sex scene.

TV and Film Clips

Sara Hjort Ditlevsen in Borgman (2013) in 1080hd

Sara also exposed the pubes in Borgman, but only in the deleted scenes, which are NOT in 1080hd

Adriana Ugarte in Combustion (2013)

Pics and Collages

The women of The Slap (2011)

Abigail Joven

Melissa George

Katherine Halliday