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Tick Tock


Kristin Minter film clips.











We have the ever beautiful Raquel Welch from 37 years ago in "Bluebeard," with cleavage and leg in these caps and a clip.




TV Land

Newsbabe Courtney Friel of "Fox News" returns in these caps and two short HD clips.

February 9th film clip

March 3rd film clip






Notes and collages

Bad Manners


Caroleen Feeney










The Misery Brothers

The Misery Brothers was supposed to be a spoof and has a low rating of 2.4 in the IMDb. It is not particularly funny but it is not as bad as this score indicates. There are different versions around as the credits in the Aussie version listed people who weren't even in the movie we saw.

Most caps I've seen show the magnificent leg and cleavage display by Debbe Dunning (shame about the hair though!).

There are also cleavage and pokies by Rochelle Swanson.

Twins and occasional wrestlers, Diane Klimaszewski and Elaine Klimaszewski, put on bikini-clad cleavage show. They're not listed in the IMDb and they also seem to be ashamed of their contribution as they do not list this movie on their personal web site.

Kathleen McClellan and Rebecca Ferratti show some cleavage

and there are some unknowns making up a bikini-clad jury.


Hollywood Wives: The New Generation

The nudity in this TV movie comes from Melissa Gilbert when a nipple briefly pops out for 1 or 2 frames.

There are lots of cleavage and pokies by an aging Farrah Fawcett

and pokies by Pascale Hutton. 

Amanda Taffs is wearing a nipple patch

and Robin Givens is showing too little.


Confessions of a Go-Go Girl

Confessions of a Go-Go Girl (2008) is another TV movie and, unfortunately, is all tease. Mainly cleavage and underwear shots of:

Chelsea Hobbs


Sarah Carter


and Rachel Hunter.


The Order


Some side boob shots of Shannyn Sossamon in The Order (2003).




Very brief nipple exposure in Furnace (2006) by Jenny McShane as she is taking a shower.


As it is in Heaven

As it is in Heaven aka Så som i himmelen (2004) is a Swedish movie and, in the finest of Swedish traditions, we get to see a completely naked Frida Hallgren.


Life with My Father

To Canada, although in French, we have Life with my Father, aka La vie avec mon père (2005).

There is some brief bush shown by Hélène Florent

and there are a group of topless women flashing their assets through some train windows. Not sure why.


Sex Spa II - Body Work

Plenty of naked ladies in this week's soft core The Sex Spa II - Body Work (2005).

The Naked Ladies are August

Jessica Drake

Kaylani Lei


Mary Carey

and Michelle Lay.

Leah Riley aka Amy Lindsay is also in the movie but keeps her goodies hidden.


"Tales from the Crypt"

The following caps come from the third season of Tales from the Crypt TV series, which is a horror show from the late 80s and early 90s.

Season 3 Episode 1: Loved to Death

Mariel Hemingway - topless



Season 3 Episode 2: The Trap

Teri Garr - a bit of leg

Bikini clad unknown ladies

Season 3 Episode 4: Abra Cadaver

Tina Bockrath - naked

Lucinda Weist - looking good


Season 3 Episode 6: Dead Wait

Vanity - breast

Season 3 Episode 7: The Reluctant Vampire

Cleavage from an unknown


Season 3 Episode 8: Easel Kill Ya

Roya Megnot - brief breast

Season 3 Episode 10: Mournin' Mess

Jacqylyn Moet - topless

Rita Wilson - a bit of leg

Season 3 Episode 11: Split Second

Michelle Johnson - lovely breasts

Season 3 Episode 12: Deadline

Marg Helgenberger - side boob


Season 3 Episode 13: Spoiled

Faye Grant - in her underwear

Anita Morris - a whole lot of leg



Tell No One


This twisty French thriller, loaded with misdirection, starts out as one story, and ends up as quite a different story. It also (in the Blu-ray version, at least) features an English soundtrack that makes it a bit easier to follow for English speakers.

Pediatrician Alex Beck loses his much-loved wife Margot (Marie-Josee Croze) in a brutal and violent attack. Although Alex is initially a suspect, the police eventually charge and convict a serial killer. Strangely, even though the killer has confessed to several murders, he denies any knowledge of this one.

Eight years later, Alex is still alone and immersed in his practice. Two bodies turn up near where Margot's was found, and in the course of the investigation, Margot's case is reopened, and Alex is again a suspect. Meantime, Alex receives an email with a link to a video showing someone who looks exactly like Margot, along with the instructions "tell no one". But she can't be alive, especially since the body was identified by her father, who was at the time a police captain.

A classy thriller that keeps you guessing until the end. I liked it.

Marie-Josee Croze








season III; episode: "Pussy Killer, Killer Pussy"

To attract a male audience they've added fart jukes, star trek nerds, and a lesbian character played by Stephanie Moore. No nudity yet.

Brigitte Bako

Heather Hanson

Kimberly Huie

Stephanie Moore


"Wild Roses"

season finale

No (female) nudity. Meredith Harrison: partial nudity before the episode goes into Brokeback Mountain mode.



"The Good Germany"


Failed CBC pilot. The oldest female character being the only one to show any skin is a good indication why it was never picked up.

Kate Trotter: cleavage



"Murdoch Mysteries"

season II; episode: "The Green Muse"

Helene Joy shows a lot of cleavage and finally does it with Murdoch.



"Jon Dore Show"

season II; episode: "Jon Wants Justice"

The most stacked jury since American supermodels launched a class action lawsuit against Dow Corning Silicones for making faulty breast implants.

Justine Resendes, Chantal Vachon, Suzie Vera, Amy Lynn Grover, Ashley Wolstat


Kate Steen as the jury forebabe




Kate Steen in the "Howie Do It"








Holly Madison in The Girls Next Door

Bridget Marquardt in The Girls Next Door


Kendra Wilkinson in The Girls Next Door

Paulina Porizkova is aging easily. She turns 44 on Thursday. Here she is in the Caribbean last week. The quality of these photos is weak. Let's hope that some better versions emerge.

Rachel Weisz in I Want You


Film Clips

Edwige Fenech film festival, part seven. We're only up to 1973, and this is only one of four films we will feature from that year. Edwige was 25, more or less.

Tracie Savage in Friday 13, part 3. This is most interesting because Tracie was a reporter for KNBC channel 4 news in LA for 7 years.