TV Round-Up

Thandie Newton is topless in the first episode of Rogue, the first scripted series produced by DirecTV

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"The Girls of National Lampoon's Strip Poker"

volume 4

In the next four days, four gals, three nekkid, in some disc entitled The Girls of National Lampoon's Strip Poker, Volume 4.  The four are Fawnia Mondey, Kelly Schreck, Taylor Kennedy (Fawnia is topless and the other two do some full frontal stuff) and Roneique Banks.  Fawnia is the best known of these by we of the Funhouse readership - Canadian hottie, sometime actress, sometime stripper, oft-time glamor model.  Taylor has spent a good deal of time posing topless for magazines and websites, all on the basis of her naturally large hooties.  She is not exactly my cup o' tea.  Kelly Schreck is a pretty famous fitness model has appears to have done relatively nekkid modeling but she makes up for that oversight on this disc.  And Roneique Banks is the model whose image appears on the most websites when you Google her name.  She is happy to show off her killer caboose but is loath to reveal anything else.  That is true, generally, and certainly true here.  So, okay, there was an extensive still-photo collection on the disc and those make up most of what I have sent along, plus a few collages (including an image or two cobbled together from slow pans across bodies).  In the still photos, behind the scenes variety, were two of another fitness model, Megan Devoe; she is full frontal while sunbathing. 

Today:  Kelly Schreck film clips here. Images/collages below.


Film Clips

Melia Kreiling in Company Of Heroes (2013)

Maria Bonnevie in Uskyld (2012)

Maria Heiskanen in Uskyld (2012)

Helena af Sandeberg in Blondie (2012)

So-Yul Shin in My PS Partner (2012) in 720p

Chen Chih-Yang in 33D Invader (2011) in 720p

Andrea Montenegro and Lorena Meritano in Bano De Damas (2005)

Pics and Collages

Heidi Klum loses her bikini top in the course of making a water rescue

Remembering Rosario Dawson in He Got Game. This film is 15 years old now. Rosario was 19 when the movie was released, probably 18 when it was lensed.