TV Round-Up

Disappointment. Still no sign of Evan Rachel Wood in Mildred Pierce. Her part is still being played by the little girl as of last night's Part Three. On the other hand, Kate Winslet offered a very fleeting glimpse of her right breast and a semi-obscured look at the Cave of the Ninth Happiness. (Samples below)

This one is not exactly hot off the presses. It aired in November, but it's still a great scene, short but sweet, and nicely lit. Here's a third-party clip of  Isabell Gerschke and Teresa Weissbach in s2e3 of Lasko: Die Faust Gottes. (Sample below)

Catch three more TV updates in Defoe's French Screen Nudity clips (below)


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  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



Never Talk to Strangers


Rebecca De Mornay film clips (captures below)



Film Clips

Alba Rohrwacher in The Solitude of Prime Numbers (2010; see below)

Rosalie Thomass in Neue Vahr Sued (2010; see below)

Ines Efron in XXY in 1080p (2007; see below)

Annika Murjahn in a 2003 episode of Der letzte Zeuge (see below)

Isabella Ferrari in Amatemi (2005; see below)

Jane Jensen in 1080p, in Troma's take on Shakespeare: Tromeo and Juliet (1996)

Hilde Van Mieghem in Blonde Dolly (1987; see below)

Nadia Vasil in L' Important c'est d'aimer (1975; see below)

Romy Schneider in L' Important c'est d'aimer (1975; see below)

Isabel Maria Perez in 10:30 P.M. Summer (1966; see below)

Romy Schneider and Melina Mercouri, probably the greatest international stars ever produced by their respective countries (Austria and Greece), in 10:30 P.M. Summer. Romy looks great at 28. Melina was 46 and didn't show much, but, hey, it's Melina Mercouri. (1966; see below)



Model Yaya Kosikova returns for a second consecutive day, this time in pap shots


Felicity Jones in Servants

Suzie Toase in Hotel Babylon