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Confessions from a Holiday Camp


Today we wrap up "Confessions From a Holiday Camp."

First up luck Robin Askwith is hooked up with Caroline Ellis who shows off her luscious tiny tots and hairy bush. Caps and a clip.


Robin is still at it as he is paid a visit by Nicola Blackman and she also shows off the all the goods. Caps and a clip.

Then a bonus clip which features Penny Meredith from yesterday plus Nicola Blackman and others.


TV Land

Over in TV Land Kim Kardashian with some leg & cleavage as she and Reggie Bush visit Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night" about two months ago. Caps with an HD clip.




It's the 70s today.


There is brief breast exposure by Sheree North in Breakout (1975).

Fun with Dick and Jane

No nudity in Fun with Dick and Jane (1977) but there are brief pokies by Jane Fonda.

Hollywood Man

No visible nudity in Hollywood Man (1976), maybe some see-through nipple by Jennifer Billingsley.

Mary Woronov

and an unknown look good.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Plenty of nakedness in Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977).

Diane Keaton shows her breasts and bum,

and Tuesday Weld flashes her bum.

An unidentified woman shows her breasts but I couldn't identify her, although she looks familiar.


Nashville (1975) is a Robert Altmann film.

Gwen Welles goes naked

and there is possibly a bit of see-through nudity by Shelley Duvall.

Lily Tomlin has sex in her underwear

and there is an upskirt by Cristina Raines.

North Dallas Forty

Savannah Smith shows her breasts in North Dallas Forty (1979),

as does an unknown.

Dayle Haddon

and Nanci Roberts show a bit of cleavage.

Oliver's Story

Pokies by Candice Bergen in Oliver's Story (1978)

and a bit of cleavage by an unidentified model.

The King of Marvin Gardens

Some lovely breast exposure by Ellen Burstyn

 and Julie Anne Robinson in The King of Marvin Gardens (1972).

Wyetta Turner looks sexy as a dancer.

The Manipulator

The Manipulator (1971) is one of those arty-farty movies that is worth missing - even the IMDB has it rated at 2.9.

An unknown woman is shown dancing topless.

The Naughty Stewardesses

Plenty of topless women in The Naughty Stewardesses (1975).

They are Connie Hoffman,


Donna Desmond,


Mikel James,

Tracy King (aka Marilyn Joi)

and an unidentified actress playing a porn actress.

Sydney Jordan shows her bum during a quickie.

The Stoolie

No nudity in The Stoolie (1972).

Lee Meredith,

Gigi Gaus

and Marcia Knight all show a bit of sex appeal.

Valdez Is Coming

The visible nudity in Valdez Is Coming (1971) comes from a topless Maria Montez.

Susan Clark looks good.


Story of Jen


Quebec/France co-production.

Laurence Leboeuf: partial boob changing then getting raped.

Marina Hands: left boob.

Annie Murphy: sexy.

Joy Wielart: partial full frontal as horny deer woman.

Catch and Release


PG-rated romance.

Jennifer Garner: sexy.

Juliette Lewis: sexy as MILF.

Sonja Bennett: fully clothed sex.

No Good Deed


Milla Jovovich: boobs and butt nude coming out shower.

George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead


Don't be fooled by the R-rating for "sexuality." The only sex scene is Athena Karkanis masturbating while in full combat uniform.


(2002; TV)

Biography based in the 1950s when Vaudeville was forced to be  PG-rated.

Terry Farrell: Star Trek DS9 babe very sexy as dancer.

"Republic of Doyle"

episode: "A Horse Divided"

A beautiful bride, a slutty maid of honor. The only thing this episode missing is either a randy bachelor party or a stolen wedding night video.

Dana Puddicombe: sexy as bride

Victoria Holmes: sexy as slutty maid of honor

"Pure Pwnage"

episode: "Rock On"

Guitar-Hero spoof. South Park already did it.

Melanie Scrofano: sexy.

Nola Auguston: flashing her boobs but partially pixellated.

hot tub babes: bikini.

Zalman King's "Body Language"

Samantha Crowther: nude as bride stripper who dances at her husband's bachelor party in episode "Bachelor Party."

Jessica Antkiw: she plays the waitress in most of the  episodes and finally has her turn to be nude in episode "Cat Fight Fever."

Melissa Bentivoglio: topless in episode "The Librarian." Lesbians seldom make passes at women who wear glasses.

Christina Schimmel: full frontal in episode "The Librarian." She's a wrestler in the Naked Women's Wrestling League although I don't know what moniker she wrestles under. Her butt tattoo should give her away.



le episode: "Epilogue"

This is the series finale for the Quebec series from Radio Canada.

Isabelle Blais: getting pegged in the final scene by Sylvie de Morais wearing a strap-on dildo.




Lauren Budd

Lisa Snowdon


Film Clips

Today's Dutch chicks:

Renee Soutendijk in Van de koele meren des doods

Willeke van Ammelrooy in Lucky Lucky

Marleen Stolz and Caro Lenssen in Cloaca

Kitty Courbois and Marina de Graaf in Het debuut

Sylvia Kristel in Naakt over de schutting

Tatjana Simic in Flodder 2