French Cinema Nudity has been updated. Featured this week is Diane Kruger (Helen of Troy in the Brad Pitt Troy) in "L'age de tenebres."


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The Cook


Today The Cook gives us a "Babe in Bondage" as Brooke Lenzi gets tied up topless by her lesbian girl friend. OOPS! The murderous Cook found her and did her in.  Warning: the last cap is bloody.

Nina Fehren also shows off her "Tiny Tots'. She's a cutie.







Notes and collages

Altered States


Blair Brown


When I saw this movie in the theater, it really got me wondering about the nature of genetic memory; we know that molecular memory is true because we use objects today which automatically bend back to their original condition so is it possible that we can remember who we once were at the beginning of our gene pool?

A fascinating film.









Alexus Winston










Matando cabos



Ana-Claudia Talancon








Five more of Mena Suvari in a thong, this time in HQ

You can look forward to plenty more pics of Ashley Dupre, the Spitzer hooker. These panes of preview pics hit the internet yesterday, so the real pics should not be far behind.

Elizabeth Banks in Slither (non-nude)

And one of Tanya Saulnier from Slither (this time there is some nudity)

Sherilyn Fenn in True Blood

(Unfortunately, all the available versions of this film are similarly dull and blurry.)

Alessia Riabenkova in Conspiracy. This is the unacknowledged remake of Bad Day at Black Rock. (My review.)



Many of you undoubtedly saw the article in The Sun which expressed shock and surprise that the new Wonderbra girl, Dita von Teese, has a porn past. It isn't really much of a surprise. She didn't work in underground films, but in mainstream porn.

Here is part 1 of 7 of the film Pin-Ups2, in which she does all sorts of naughty, explicit lesbian and solo activities. I will run all seven eventually, since the crazy thing keeps intercutting between many scenes and it's impossible to extract Dita's scenes conveniently.

If you're not interested or patient enough to watch the whole damned 83 minutes of this porn film, join the club. I quit at the 17 minute mark. Here is a clip which just focuses on her double-dildo scene with porn star Anita Blond

And here are some assorted collages and samples.


Clips from New Films

Well, not a film, exactly. Berlin, Berlin is a German TV show which ran several seasons. If you know anything about Germany, you know that TV shows essentially are their equivalent of the movie industry. They expend a lot of money and effort on them. Anyway, here's Felicitas Wohl and Rhea Harder

Ellen Page in The Tracey Fragments (2007). She's the woman who played Juno.Yes, woman. She's actually 21 years old. (Minimal nudity. Sample right.)


Classic Film Clips

Beverly D'Angelo in Pacific Heights

Another Jenny Agutter nude classic: Equus

Ornella Muti in Summer Affair. Many of the sexy European stars of the 60s, 70s and 80s became well known in America. Ursula Andress and Edwige Fenech come to mind. But the beautiful Ornella Muti remained just about unknown in the States, although she has about 100 credits at IMDb. She never really appeared in a great movie in any language, and she never really appeared in a popular movie in English, so she remained a European phenomenon. I don't believe I have ever seen her on a theater screen, even though I have seen her in about two dozen movies on my TV or computer.

Emmanuelle Beart in Strayed (Les Egares)

Joely Richardson in Drowning By Numbers. I think these are the best clips I've seen of Joely's great nudity in this film.