"Chinese Chocolate"

Chinese Chocolate (1996) is a Canadian film in Mandarin and English which explores the plight of Chinese immigrant women in Toronto. As the film opens, we see two women arrive on a China Airlines flight. The first is a famous doctor, who has been waiting three years to join her husband, and has left her mother and son in China for the time being. Her husband doesn't show up to get her. She finds out the next day that, not only has he been living with another woman for two years, and intends to marry the other woman, but he was killed in a traffic accident on the way to the airport. The second is a young and naive arrival, who is to attend school in Toronto. She is met by a Chinese professor, who takes her to a student residence, where she is totally lost, as she speaks no English. She chases after him, and he ends up bedding her, ignoring the fact that he has a pregnant wife and young child at home.

For most of the film, we see Chinese women screwed over by men, but they do manage a surprise happy ending. All in all, Chinese women in Toronto get screwed by men pretty much the same way women everywhere get screwed by men. I never did figure out what the title had to do with the story. Shirley Cui, as the doctor, shows breasts in two different scenes.

IMDB readers have this at 5.3 of 10 based on 9 votes. The only review listed was lukewarm about the film. There were certainly some cultural aspects brought out that played a part in the women being used and abused or cast aside, but I think many women will find much to relate to. It is my kind of film, but I had trouble keeping interested. C-.

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  • Maybe they could turn a profit if they renamed it "The Vagina Monologue."
  • I take it the engagement is off?
  • It would be more believable if sex with Ben Affleck turned a straight woman gay.
  • It's called "Tough Love" because forcing someone to sit through it is punishment.
  • J-Lo's CDs prove that nothing is so godawful, it's unreleasable.

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