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Connie Nielsen film clips (captures below)


This film was made between The Devil's Advocate and Gladiator, when she was still in her physical prime. And that was very prime indeed. What a figure! She's still working steadily now at age 45, but her career has a lower profile - either smaller movies or smaller roles, so we don't see much of her unless we specifically look for her.




Season 2

Part 1 (1991)

 Episode 1 - Nightmare Bay: Part 1

Erika Eleniak - nice

Kelly Garrison - nice

Pamela Bach - nice

Unknown - sexy

Episode 2 - Nightmare Bay: Part 2

Andrea Thompson - nice

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Unknown - sexy

Episode 3 - The One That Got Away

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Lydie Denier - sexy

Vanessa Angel - cleavage

Unknown - the second unit was working overtime!

Episode 4 - Money, Honey

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Jill Pierce - pokies

Leslie Easterbrook - nice

Unknown - what the Beach Boys sang about


Episode 5 - The Fabulous Buchannon Boys

Lisa Saxon - hands over the breast syndrome

Unknown - sexy

Episode 6 - Point of Attack

Tammi Baliszewski - sexy

Unknown - sexy

Episode 7 - Sandcastles

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Peggy McIntaggart - sexy

Unknown - outstanding


Episode 8 - Thin or Die

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Lisa Rinna - sexy

Unknown - sensational

Episode 9 - The Trophy - Part 1

A. J. Langer - sexy

Allison Barron - nice thong


Erika Eleniak - sexy

Kelly Packard - sexy

Tracy Burton - sexy

Vanessa Angel - pokies

Unknown - sexy

Episode 10 - The Trophy: Part 2

Erika Eleniak - nice


A l'origine d'un cri

aka "Crying Out"


Quebec film released to DVD last week.

Veronique Beaudet: full frontal as corpse.

Anne-Krystel Goyer: Montreal hefmag model shows boob and butt.

Emily Shelton: topless.

Lise Roy: older actress topless.

Marie-Julie Rivest: sex scene but showing nothing.

Tangerine Dream: obligatory stripper.

Virginie Allard-Cameus: bare butt.

Le baiser du barbu

aka "Facetime"


Quebec movie about actor and actress rehearsing for a sex scene.

Isabelle Blais: little nudity but sill sexy.

Elles etaient cinq


aka "The Five of Us"

Another Quebec movie.

 group underwear shot: Noemie Yelle in red panties; Ingrid Falaise in polkadot underwear; Julie Deslauriers is the pantless chick wearing glasses; Brigitte Lafleur sitting on toilet, and Jacinthe Lague doing her nails.



Skinless horror.

Katheryn Winnick: very sexy.



Not a skinless horror.

Heidi Hawkins: obligatory sex scene.

"Murdoch Mysteries"

episode: "Big Murder on Campus"

Not quite Animal House.

Laura McLean: bare back.

"She's the Mayor"

episode: "Proclamation"

Mishael Morgan: sexy as foxmag girl. The blonde on your right in the first frame is Natalie Gauvreau.

Here's Mishael in some previous roles:

Mishael Morgan: in threesome with Miranda Jade in the box office bomb "The Love Guru".

Mishael Moegan: sexy as hooker in a CBC episode of MVP.

"Republic of Doyle"

strippers: underwear in episode "Don't Gamble with City Hall".

Anna Silk from the Lost Girl cable series drops her towel in episode "St. John's Town".

swingers: underwear also in "St. John's Town".

Holly Eglington

aka Holly Eglinton has made the most appearances as a stripper/hooker/bimbo. She must have appeared in half the television series shot in Vancouver the past decade ...

Holly Eglington: stripper in an episode of John Doe

Holly Eglington: clown stripper in Reaper (or she's wearing too much makeup?)

Holly Eglington: bar girl in Supernatural

"Rescue Me"

episode "Keefe"

Nicole LaLiberte: buns and partial boob.

Sarah Jackson: partial boob by Canadian model.

Max Havoc: Ring of Fire


Christina Cox: partial boob.

Ritual: Blood Bonds

(2005 video)

Another bad US horror with just about almost every cliche in the book.

Carol Rose Carver: boobs and buns.

Corpse Eaters


An early Canadian zombie film.

topless bimbo.

Scandal of the week:

Manitoba judge Lori Douglas had to step away from the bench when her swinging lawyer husband pressured a client to have sex with her by passing him some explicit nude photos of her.

Lori Douglas

You can read about the details here

You can see all the uncensored pictures by going here and following the instructions in the blue section.


Film Clips

Natalie Portman masturbates in 1080 HD in The Black Swan (2010)

Karolina Gorczyca in Hustawka (2010; see below)

Joanna Pierzak in Hustawka (2010)

Elena Anaya in Hierro  (2009)

Lyne Renee in The Box Collector (2008; see below)

The gorgeous Desiree Nosbusch in Questo e quello (1983; samples below)

Soledad Miranda in Eugenie (1974). She had been dead for four years when this Jesus Franco film was released. She die in a car crash at age 27.

Greta Schmidt and Soledad Miranda in Eugenie (1974).

Greta Schmidt and Alice Arno in Eugenie (1974).

Soledad Miranda in She Killed in Ecstasy (1971). This one was also a Franco film and also came out posthumously. She made seven Franco films. Maybe I should say that Franco created seven films which included footage of Soledad.

Soledad Miranda and Ewa Stromberg in She Killed in Ecstasy (1971).



model Yaya Kosikova