s1, e11

The first episode with a disappointingly low titty count. There was some anonymous nudity, but the only flesh from an identifiable actress was this brief flash from Erin Cummings! (Vid by Deep at Sea. Sample below)



Note: Oz's usual prolific bi-weekly contribution will appear in tomorrow's edition, or perhaps in the next two day's editions. (I haven't laid it out yet.)


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Confessions from a Holiday Camp


Today we look at a British sex comedy.

The only name actress of any note was Linda Hayden who also appeared in many British horror films. Here the lovely Linda bares the boobs and flashes of bush for Robin Askwith her co-star and then boyfriend. Caps and 2 clips.

Penny Meredith plays a married woman who hits on Robin and shows it all. Caps with a clip.


More full frontal fun with Deborah Brayshaw in another funny bit. Caps and a clip.

Part 2 tomorrow.






This is the juicy pulp film which introduced the Wachowsky brothers (or Wachowsky siblings, as they are now, since one of the brothers is now "Lana"). Scoop called it a "very entertaining trash picture" and Roger Ebert awarded it the full 4-star monty. Here's the famous lesbian scene in fill 1920x1080 resolution, with sample collages below.

Gina Gershon

Jennifer Tilly




Anja Rubik

Dree Hemingway

Eniko Mihalik

Raquel Zimmerman

Hannelore Knuts

Iselin Steiro

Stephanie Honore in Bad Lieutenant

Piroska Molnar in Taxidermia


Amber Lee in Asian Delights

Josie Lee in Asian Delights


Film Clips

Irina Potapenko in Revanche (samples below)

 Ursula Strauss in Revanche (samples below)

Katharina Lorenz in Rueckkehr Der Stoerche (samples below)

Valeria Golino in Respiro (720p)

Sophie Quinton in Avril (720p)

Whoever has been loading up Usenet with Dutch chicks continues to do so, and I see no reason to ignore them. Here's more, and there will be still more to come: