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Here is a film clip (zipped. avi) of Janet Lane in Lucky Number Slevin. Poor quality, but a must-see scene.

New in theaters:

Here is a collage of LC's still captures from Sharon Stone's frontal nude scene in BI2.

Other Crap:

Bill Maher's Real Time Monologue March 31st

New York underground, a fascinating report from

Here's the trailer for Clerks 2

Thanks to Dave Barry's blog for this one: "Thief gets away with Grateful Dead leader's toilet"

Alba Ropes Letterman

The "Budapest BoobieParade"

Patently Silly - The Humor of Invention

  • "The following are all real patents issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office."

Ice Age 2 is hot!

  • The kiddie flick took in an impressive $71 million in its opening weekend
  • It was a crazy weekend in which there were four new releases and none of them produced results anywhere near the forecasts. Ice Age 2 and ATL did far better than predicted, while Slither and BI2 did far worse.
  • Ice Age 2 and ATL did so well that they pulled the entire industry forward. Those two movies alone almost matched the entire Top 12 on this weekend last year! The final reckoning showed this year 40% above last year and almost 40% above last WEEK! It was more than 20% better than the previous best weekend this year!

What was her grade in this class? "A woman attending anger management classes became irate during a Wednesday morning class, threatened to kill a classmate, then went out to the lobby and broke a display case". I think the school administrators should have anticipated this from a class taught by Naomi Campbell.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




Brokeback Mountain (2005)

As I am sure all of you know, this is the story of two cowboys who meet while summering sheep and fall into an affair. At the end of the summer, they part. Both marry women, but never get over their love for each other, and get together frequently. The story spans nearly 20 years, and is told in near real time ... at least, that is how it felt to me. The central relationship was the unique aspect of this film, yet occupied a small percentage of the running time. Since the film was based on a short story, the writers had to pad it to feature length, which they did by fleshing out the "normal" lives of the two men with their families. In both cases, the family relationships were not especially interesting. One was dirt poor, and his wife wanted more. Although she blamed his gay friendship, the real reason she divorced him was to find a better provider. The other managed to wed a rich girl, but she cared less about him than about counting money.

Had the two cowboys not been gay, there would not be enough of a story here. As I honestly do not care in the slightest whom anyone wishes to rub their genitals against, the fact that this was a story of a gay romance was a matter of supreme indifference to me. That probably explains why the film wouldn't make my personal top 2,000 list. Critics, however, were all atwitter over it; it won three Oscars; and was nominated for several others. IMDb readers say 8.0, making it the 250th most popular film of all time.  This is clearly a B, at least for the moment. I suppose the world was ready for Homo, Homo On the Range, and Ang Lee knows exactly how to craft a film. The cinematography is wonderful, and the score won awards, although I often found it intrusive.

Scoop's counter-notes:

Tuna said, "Had the two cowboys not been gay, there would not be enough of a story here."

Quite true, but I don't think there was a single reviewer (including me) who had the guts to point this out. If you locate this story in the South in the 1930s, make one of the cowboys a black man and the other a white cowgirl, make their love culturally forbidden, then the exact same story would have been moving, and an OK film, but would not have been winning every award under the sun. In essence, the film societies were awarding the THEME of the story and not the story itself, and it was a theme whose time had come.

I think it was good movie, and I was finally moved by the denouement (after being bored to tears by the set-up), but I sure as hell don't know why people think it was a great masterpiece worthy of "Best Picture." I think critics were afraid that the simple truth which Tuna wrote in the sentence above would somehow be construed as politically incorrect, or anti-gay, or at least insufficiently supportive of the recognition of gay rights, or something like that.


Anne Hathaway
Michelle Williams






Today we fire up the old Time Machine and go all the way back to 1965 for "Rent-A-Girl," which was filmed in glorious black & white. For you younger folks in the audience: that's the way they used to make them. This one was for the New York City raincoat crowd and was considered titillating in those days, but is tame by today's standards. It features two actresses who were regulars in the 60's exploitation flicks, so enjoy a trip down memory lane with this dose of 60's fun and games.

First up is Darlene Bennett who becomes a "Babe in Bondage." She winds up topless and hosed down. Later she plays a game of strip pool.

Barbara Wood is the featured actress who is topless in her bathroom and then posing for a guy with a camera who probably didn't even have film in the thing. The final cap shows Barbara being branded on the leg.      







Got some more clips from Watchful Eye (Juliet Cariaga and Julie-Lynn Cialini yesterday) - zipped .avi's in DIVX  format.

As in the World War II movies that came out in the late 40's and early 50's, there is a casting formula to these erotic thriller things. The difference is that war movies have stereotyped characters whereas softcore dramas have stereotyped actresses. You got your Hefmate, your Pet, an untalented one-timer with huge tracts of land, two pornstars and a web model. Who they play and how they play 'em just does not matter. "Show me the goodies as often as possible" is the only reason these things are made or watched...or capped.

  • Melissa Barmes (that's right...Barmes) is someone you'd expect to be the pornstar, given where her talents lie, but she is the one-time eye-candy.
  • Nikki Fairchild, on the other hand. is or was a very active pornstar.
  • Nissa Hall is the web model...what some folk call a fitness model, which usually translates into a gal with a bum and two hooters off of which you could bounce a quarter. Scary stuff.
  • And I forgot THE staple of the modern softcore movie, namely the veteran. These are gals who play very much the same part in one movie after another. Renee Rhea (1, 2, 3) was a very busy beaver for a while. Did a string of full-frontal nekkid roles. Very cute woman. Wonder where she has gone.





"Insight of Evil" (2003). Canadian low budget slasher.

Elise Cormode shows all three Bs in shower,

a buxom Tiffany Edwardsen sports some serious pokies,

blonde bimbo Annie Pantusa shows partial boob,

Cheyenne Ennis takes a whiz,

and Jessica Brant is in a bikini top.

"Outcast" (1990).  Obscure Canadian horror with lots of blood and fully clothed sex.

Only available on video in Greece.

Tracey Hoyt in tight jeans,

Krista Bulmer,

Soo Garay,

Christina Kaufman,

and camera woman Jane Davis

 are all sexy.

"Heyday!" (TV) (2006). Recent Newfie coming-of-age movie which aired on CBC last week.

Written and directed by Gordon Pinsent and starring

Joanne Kelly

 and Pinsent's daughter Leah

who both show cleavage.

"The Love Blackmailer" (1966), aka An Adulterous Affair.

Sixties b&w girdlesploitation starring Jean Christopher, who shows boob and butt.

She is best known as Neil Sedaka's love interest in Playgirl Killer, made in color a few years later.

"Act of the Heart" (1970).

Drama about catlick life in Montreal starring Genevieve Bujold and Don "The Donald" Sutherland.

Genevieve Bujold is stripped down to her skivvies after getting drunk on communion wine.

Godiva's season II: episode Rubbing Shoulders

Leah Cairns has a very nice topless sex scene

and Sonja Bennett gets felt up.

Dead Man's Gun: episode The Mimsers

Lysette Anthony shows partial boob.

At the Hotel: episode 3

Natalie Lisinska shows alot of cleavage in brassiere with her blouse open.

Moccasin Flats season III: The Other Side

In this season finale Andrea Menard fights off an attacker despite wearing very tight jeans..





Kennedy Johnston in "Hotel Erotica Cabo"





Mr Skin practically created a salute to Eurocrap. He added to the nudographies of three Euro-legends and one budding future legend.

First, Ornella Muti in Il Bisbetico domato

Ornella Muti in Appassionata
Ornella Muti in Romanzo Popolare
Corinne Clery in Covert Action

Corinne Clery in Il Miele del diavolo

Corinne Clery in Striptease
Sydne Rome in Creezy. Actually, she's not a European, even though she starred in lots of Eurotrash movies. She comes from a prosperous family in Ohio, and her dad was a CEO.
Sydne Rome in "Wanted: dead or alive, preferably dead"
Julia Brendler in "Lieben und Toeten"