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Late Arrivals
  • I'm thrilled this came in for today's edition! Here are possibly the best full frontal 'caps ever of Hellen Mirren. According Graphic Response, this is a hard to find English movie called "Savage Messiah". Best of all he has the whole scene 'capped as an .avi at his web site! Well worth a look.
  • Her sister Heather is one of Hollywood's hottest young stars at the moment...Could Aimee Graham be far behind? Here are topless vidcaps of the younger Graham sister from the movie "Perdita Durango". Thanks to FR for these.
  • Aimee Graham from "Perdita Durango" by FR #2.
  • From Scanman
  • As most of you know, Scanman is probably one of the busiest vidcappers out there! Every week he puts out about 100 new images of A and B actresses. Here is a small sample of this week's batch in case you haven't paid him a visit in a while. First up, Anne Heche topless from "Girls in Prison".
  • The always shagadelic, Liz Hurley! Here she is showing off her breasts in a love scene from the movie "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" a.k.a. "Shameless".
  • If B-movie bimbos are your cup of tea, then how about Gabriella Hall in full frontal vidcaps from the movie "Sweetheart Murders".
  • One more full frontal collage of Gabriella Hall from "Sweetheart Murders"
  • I know that Patsy Kensit is worshiped in the UK, so my deepest apologies for these 'caps...After all, she's naked with one of the lesser Baldwins!
  • From RDO
  • Something unique to say the least...Juliette Zabou playing a topless side kick to Tawny Kitaen in "The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak".
  • Juliette Zabou from "Perils..." #2.
  • Juliette Zabou from "Perils..." #3.
  • Juliette Zabou from "Perils..." #4.
  • Fun House Variety
  • Anyone know our next guest?...Tahitia in vidcaps from "Evolver". A total mystery to me. The movie actually stars a few semi-big names, including John de Lancie (best known as Q from Star Trek TNG.) Does that help any?
  • For the Euro Scoopy is Ute Christensen. Sorry, not sure of the movie, or who to thank for the 'caps.