Le Chalet


Agnes Delachair

Chloe Lambert

Maud Jurez

Section de Recherche

s12e10, 1080hd

Maia Gidoin


s1e1, 1080hd

Nagisa Morimoto

Summer House

s2e9, 720p

Lindsay Hubbard

Amanda Batula


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Atlantic City

1980, 1920x1080

Susan Sarandon

This week, movies from 2014:

Asian School Girls

Asian School Girls (2014) has plenty of nudity by:

Belle Visa

Catherine Hyein Kim

Minnie Scarlet

Sam Aotaki

A few not identified

 and some group shots.

Looking Glass


Johnny's comments:

Looking Glass is a thriller where Ray (Nicolas Cage) and Maggie (Robin Tunney) are looking for a fresh start and buy a motel in the middle of nowhere in a rushed sale from an elusive previous owner. Ray tries to make a fist of it and one day discovers a secret passage way that leads to a hall of two way mirrors into ever room and Ray soon becomes fascinated with the few regulars that populate the place. Local cop Howard (Marc Blucas) looks in on Ray like he did the previous owner but seems a little too invested in the place. One day one of the regulars (Jacque Gray) disappears while the next day Ray finds a dead pig in the pool with a photo of a girl who died at the hotel before they bought it. When the regular turns up dead, Howard turns his suspicions on Ray and Maggie is not so sure he didn't do it going by his recent behaviour. Ray is desperate to find out the mysteries of the place before he completely loses his mind or before Maggie leaves him, but that looks like a losing battle.

OK little thriller that slowly gets to its destination but not before some weird turns, particularly regarding the previous owner, that send  the movie off the deep end before it decides to finish. The potential for something better is definitely there but every time Looking Glass threatens to get interesting it brings back weirdo cop Howard to drag the movie down. And Tunney is sadly wasted in a nothing wife role. But like a goldpanner looking for little pieces of gold, I'll keep coming back to the monthly Cage release with hopes of finding that gold. Sadly, it's not here.

Robin Tunney film clip (collages below)

Laura Flannery, Savannah Welch, Liz Tabish in The Golden Rut (2016) in 1080hd




Alexia Landeau in Day Out of Days (2015) in 1080hd

Maja Schoene in Der Brand (2011) in 720p

Suzanna Love in Olivia (1983) in 720p