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Johnny's  comments:
Back onto the short films, this one having a surprising amount of sex in it for a 15 minute movie. Tender is about Cate (Katie Jean Harding), who has an one night stand with artist Max (Angus Sampson), and they get along so well it develops into a highly sexual relationship where limits are tested. But, Cate wants more, but what is more? Interesting little short that I don't fully understand, which I think is the point if you're a man. I dunno...

Katie Jean Harding film clip. Collages below.


TV/Film Clips

Hayley-Marie Coppin, Claire Viville, and others not naked, in Dom Hemingway (2014) in 1080p

Valeria Golino in Respira (2002)

Anna Falchi in Nel continente nero (1993)

I realize that the above is a mediocre clip from an obscure movie, but I like it because it illustrates what Falchi looked like before her boob job. The picture below (from Cemetery Man) shows the shape that we are more familiar with. I'm usually negative about boob jobs, but this one seems to have been a good move for her, even if they are obviously artificial.

Elisabeth Margoni in Le Professionel (1981) in 720p


Cameron Diaz see-thru in the redband trailer for Sex Tape (2014 upcoming). She's a perfect illustration of the value of diet and exercise. At 41, she has the body of a teenager.

Magda Vasaryova and Pavla Polaskova in Marketa Lazarova (1967)

Maggie Duran

Paula Bulczynska