It's amazing that we are still finding new nudity in Showgirls after all these years. Here is the specific film clip with the Elizabeth Berkley open beaver kick. (Film clip made by Deep at Sea)

It's difficult to see anything because it happens so fast, but the two caps below are raw, unedited  frames from this very clip. (By the way, the latest version of VLC media player has stop frame, single frame advance, slo-mo and frame capture capabilities.)

My question about this scene: if she wasn't wearing any panties under that leopard-skin thing, what kept the hidden knife from falling to the ground, since it was obviously quite a bit below the elastic waistband of the leopard-skin? Did she have it stuffed in her ass-crack?


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Today we look at a B-Movie.

Misty Mundae is the main item in this one and as usual she shows it all. Caps and a clip.

A.J. Kahn shows the tits

 and then is joined by a full frontal Julian Wells. Caps with a clip.

Then Merav Tel is a non-nude "Babe in Bondage"


 and then she is joined by the naked Julian Wells. Caps and a clip.

Sylvianne Chebance is also a "Babe in Bondage" and she shows nothing

but once again Julian Wells is around to save the day. Caps with a clip.



The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


Part 2

Noomi Rapace film clips (samples below)






Some Czechsploitation: Marketa Belonoha in Girl Camp 2004

Some Czechsploitation: Katerine Hovorek in Girl Camp 2004

Some Czechsploitation: Zuzana Hrubes in Girl Camp 2004

Sam King, a lad-mad and page three model from the U.K.

Pamela Anderson falling out of her bathing suit


Film Clips

Valery Tscheplanowa in Whisky Mit Wodka (sample below)

Lola Davidson in The Caretaker