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Educating Brittney


Just for the fun of it, a wealthy woman (April) and her boyfriend decide to corrupt her chauffeur and his new bride (Roxanne Hall).  They bet on who can seduce the target fastest. They invite the innocent newlyweds to dinner, after which April finally seduces the chauffeur after offering him $2,000. The bride proves to be made of sterner stuff. The final laugh is on April and her boyfriend, nut they are able to drown their sorrows in a bout of sex.

This is a standard no-plot soft core, consisting mainly of simulated sex to bad music. There are some features to tantalize the curious. This was the first time I have seen Allyson Chaynes" scorpion tattoo and clitoral hood piercing, and April obviously has natural breasts, another welcome sight.

Not listed at IMDb.

April, Roxanne Hall, Amber Michaels and Allyson Chaynes show everything.

April 16

Roxanne Hall 17

Amber Michaels 22

Allyson Chaynes 14






Today we have the late Anna Nicole Smith from the movie "Skyscraper." Anna shows off her twin peaks in the shower, the bedroom, and the outdoors. She finally blows away the bad guy as he tries to rape her. Caps and five clips.

Scoop's notes: Here's a collection of outtakes and bloopers from this film. This would be hilarious, except that the same thing we might laugh at, Anna's combination of drug problems and learning disabilities, also led to her involuntary early retirement from life.







Film clips from Oublier Cheyenne

Film clips from The American Poop Movie







Notes and collages

Promises! Promises!


Part 4 of 4

Jayne Mansfield


As a film to watch and enjoy, Promises! Promises! is way down the list. It's a waste of valuable time for many reasons.

In terms of film nudity history, however, it was a major turning point in Hollywood.  Ms. Mansfield was the first major American actress to get so naked for the movie camera. The film was banned in the U.S. for that reason.

Ms. Mansfield was reputed to have an I.Q. of 163, so she was never the dumb blonde she portrayed. I suspect that her plan was to use this film to jump start her waning career; unfortunately that did not work out. She also once linked herself with the Church of Satan as a publicity stunt.

I wish I could have met her just for the fascinating conversation we could have had...







Vampire Vixens from Venus


The title is self-reviewing, isn't it? I mean there isn't much chance you'll pick this up by mistake when you're looking for Schindler's List.

Three film clips of Leslie Glass










La Riffa

Three words: Monica Bellucci nekkid.










One more of Mena Suvari in that thong, this time in giant size.


Film Clips

Two famous women in an obscure film, Into the Fire: Olivia D'Abo and Susan Anspach. I like Susan Anspach and I had no idea that she had done this 1987 topless scene. The film is on Region 1 DVD, so I ordered it.

Izabella Scorupco in Solstorm. This new film is in Swedish and has only played in Finland and Sweden. Izabella, a former Bond girl (Golden Eye), is basically Swedish, despite the fact that she was born in Poland and has a Ukrainian last name. Her mother moved them to Sweden when she was a very young child. If I'm not mistaken, she lives in California now. The years fly by. She was 24 when she appeared in Golden Eye. She turns 38 in June.

Another episode of Nude on Stage. Two actresses stark naked in the French National Drama Centre production of Monsieur Kolpert. (Play info here.)

If you're like me, you can't get enough of Sherilyn Fenn in Two Moon Junction. Damn, I miss the eighties.

Nancy Travis in Internal Affairs (dubbed)

Nia Long in In Too Deep. The woman in the shadowy profile is probably a body double, but Nia's own breast makes a late appearance in the clip.

Susan Sarandon in King of the Gypsies

Flora Montgomery in two films: Urban Gothic and When Brendan Met Judy

Ivy Leung in Basic Impulse

Rhonda Dent in Insecticidal

Rosanna Arquette in Nowhere to Run

Sheila Kennedy in three films: Dead Boyz Can't Fly, Point Doom, and Ellie