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The Exception

2016, 1920x800

Lily James

Stephanie van Vyve


"The Big C"

The Big C is about a high school teacher, played by Laura Linney, who is diagnosed with terminal melanoma. The show focusses on how she subsequently approaches life with this knowledge and how it affects her friends and family. It went for 40 episodes over 4 seasons. There’s some lovely nudity although it’s mostly tease by Laura.

Season 3 Episode 9 Vaya Con Dios (2012)

Liz Twining

Season 3 Episode 10 Fly Away (2012)

Liz Twining

Escape Room


Johnny's comments

Escape Room is a thriller where a group of friends and family are come to celebrate Tyler's (Evan Williams) birthday when his girlfriend Christen (Elisabeth Hower) gives him a gift that he, Christen and five of their friends (including Australian actress Annabelle Stephenson) will never forget. Christen has got them tickets to a game called Escape Room and when they get there, they are blindfolded and put into separate soundproof rooms where they need to solve a series of puzzles to able to open the doors to each other's rooms. All except Christen who seems to have disappeared. Things start off easy enough and before long they are altogether, but after one mistake, two of the friends are gassed to death and it soon becomes clear that the game is very real and their lives are at stake if they don't correctly answer the puzzles. Also, they must save Christen, who has being stripped of her clothes and put into a cage, before time runs out.

Well, it's inevitable that Saw will get a mention in regards to Escape Room with the similarities quite obvious and I'd like to say that it's better than the average Saw movie, which wouldn't be hard, but it really isn't, The game is rigged from the beginning with the Saw-like opening scene and never really recovers. At least Saw has a arch-villain and disciples to keep the movie interesting, no such luck here, and the ending is so clueless that it only asks more questions and answers none.

At least Elisabeth Hower is naked for most of the final act to at least keep some interest as the movie ends in a baffling non-explanation of what just happened.

Elisabeth Hower film clip (collages below)

Anna Sophia Berglund in Living Among Us (2018) in 720p

Yuliya Khlynina and Severija Janusauskaite in Selfie (2018) in 1080p

Eili Harboe in Thelma (2017) in 1080p

Jessica Mas in Rudo y Cursi (2008) in 720p

Lara Phillips in Fragments (2008) in 720p

Alicia Agneson in Vikings (s5e3) - great quality