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The Waterdance



Scoop's notes:

There's a puzzling story behind this one. At one time it had the highest audience scores in the history of the Sundance festival, so it's clearly very appealing to mainstream viewers. It also scores 93% positive at Rotten Tomatoes.

"So, since audiences and critics loved it, it was a blockbuster, right?"

Wrong. It did virtually nothing: reached 30 theaters; grossed a million or so.

Why did it fail financially? I've never figured that out. I also like it. A lot. I wrote, "Terrific story. Funny. Gets your heart. Gets your head. Tells the truth. A once-in-a-lifetime convergence of writer/director with his own best story, and as real as a mainstream American picture is going to get." Plus Helen Hunt was young, delectable, and very, very naked.

Nuit #1


The hottest movie since Shortbus about a couple (Catherine de Lean and Dimitri Storoge) on a one night stand who spend the first 15 minutes fucking and then the rest of the film talking. The DVD is only available in Quebec and is not listed on


- the Quebec film rating is a harsh 16+ which is just one notch  below a hardcore porn film.

- the screen format is the archaic 4:3 TV ratio which leaves alot to the imagination as widescreen would have shown more action below the belt.

- despite a minimal cast, an unknown director, and a setting shot mostly in a dinghy bachelor apartment this production has a  full crew list including stuntwork, visual effects, security detail.

- the sex scenes could have been choreographed by Virginie Brunelle who, like Dave St-Pierre, is known for production numbers with provocative sexuality, full nudity and simulated sex which would get a regular strip club raided by the vice squad.

- Dimitri Storoge's erection is a prosthetic as there are several crew members who have worked on his long johnson.

- likewise Catherine de Lean could have wore a crotch patch as her vaginal lips are not visible even though her pussy was supposed to be shaved.

- given the above the sex isn't unsimulated as rumored.

Catherine de Lean

Virginie Brunelle: an example of one of her nudie dance numbers she choreographed (but she didn't dance in it).

La comtesse de Baton Rouge

aka The Countess of Baton Rouge (1998)

Correction from last week.

Marie Eykel: topless GILF.

"Cock'd Gunns"

Season one boxset. This DVD release is only available in Australia.

Rebecca McMahon: rock hard pokies in clingy bikini in episode "Party Eyes."

"Mr. D"

episode: "The Basketball Diaries" (s1e11)

Lauren Hammersley: nice leg and cleavage in very sexy dress.


episode: "Charlene Francis" (s2e04)

Meghan Heffern: cleavage making out in car.

"Republic of Doyle"

episode: "Con, Steal, Love" (s3e12)

Shannon Crotty: stuntbabe showing cleavage as towel babe.

"Lost Girl"

episode: "Into the Dark" (s2e21)

Emmanuelle Vaugier: dancing in bra and panties.

Anna Silk: cleavage in lesbian rape scene doing it to Emmanuelle Vaugier.

SPOILER ALERT: Tonight's season finale episode on April 1 ends with a big battle but then it cuts to Anna Silk bolting upright from her bed after having a nightmare. It was all a dream! (April fool)

Miss/Mr. Universe

No April Fools here. Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova was disqualified when pageant officials  found out that *he* is a post-op transsexual.

Jenna Talackova

"Curious and Unusual Deaths"

Darwinian award type television series which is much like New Urban Legends but is better researched and doesn't make up stories like "1000 Ways to Die".

episode: "Death by a Remedy"

This is a variation of the "broiled alive" sunbathing booth urban legend. The
producers could have done with the chick tanning in a bikini but they got away her topless.

Toni MacRae: sideboob then in tank top.

SEX! With Hot Robots

(2010 short)

Nice scene after end credits. Christina Cuffari: sexy as MILF-bot.

Canada's Walk of Fame


Jann Arden: cleavage by singer at ceremony.

Jann Arden: bare butt centerfold in April issue of Zoomer magazine.



Francesca Inaudi in Come trovare nel modo giusto l'uomo sbagliato (2011)

Agostina Belli and others in Profumo di Donna (1974)


Jennifer Lawrence in Interview magazine. By God, you can see her nipples.

Poppy Montgomery - kinda see-through