April Fool's Day


"The Postal DVD has been released in Germany recently, but only with German dubbing and subtitles, despite the fact that the director's commentary by (German) Uwe Boll is in English! (He sounds like Klaus the German goldfish in "American Dad").

If you want to wait, the UK DVD release is June 16, 2008. The hypothetical date for a theatrical release in the USA is May 23, 2008.

Nudity report:

(i) in an orgy scene, Holly Eglington shows her robohooters, Lucie Guests shows her bare butt, Michaela Mann gets her boobs honked, and Julia Sandberg Hansson goes down on Holly.

(ii) Julia Sandberg Hansson gets her boob honked near the end.

(iii) Jodie Stewart, the fat girl from "Good Luck Chuck," has some even more disgusting sex scenes, one involving using flour in order to find her wet spot.

For some reason the German DVD won't play on my international DVD player but it does play on my computer DVD drive. You may need a new model DVD player to view this."

... Spaz


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







The Swinging Cheerleaders


Hunter Tylo is best known for her role on the soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful," but back in 1984 she bared all in the forgettable horror flick "The Initiation". A very delicious looking chick.







Notes and collages

Promises! Promises!


Part 3 of 4

Jayne Mansfield


As a film to watch and enjoy, Promises! Promises! is way down the list. It's a waste of valuable time for many reasons.

In terms of film nudity history, however, it was a major turning point in Hollywood.  Ms. Mansfield was the first major American actress to get that very naked for the movie camera. The film was banned in the U.S. for that reason.

Ms. Mansfield was reputed to have an I.Q. of 163, so she was never the dumb blonde she portrayed. I suspect that her plan was to use this film to jump start her waning career; unfortunately that did not work out. She also once linked herself with the Church of Satan as a publicity stunt.

I wish I could have met her just for the fascinating conversation we could have had...







Industrial Sex


This clip shows Mason Marconi, another former Penthouse Pet










This ends the Korean update.

You probably know Yunjim Kim from Lost, but she's also done a bunch of Korean films, including the excellent action/romantic drama Shiri which features the great Min-sik Choi from Oldboy. I'm surprised Hollywood hasn't remade it. She was also in Ardor, an adultery drama that seriously drags and ends terribly. Yunjin barely smiles throughout, but she does show a bit of skin. Don't blink or you'll miss her nipple (fifth collage below). Although there is little nudity,  the sex scenes are quite lengthy. One of the clips is 8:40 and I edited it down from 11 minutes ...


Here are the film clips of Kim Yun-Jim (Warning: 100+ meg).

The collages are below:








One more of Audrina Patridge

One of 47-year-old Julia Louis Dreyfus on that Old Christine thingy.

Two nice ones of Mena Suvari in a thong

Here's Tawny Kitaen showing the full monty in an obscure film, Crystal Heart.

These are the best caps I have seen from this film



Film Clips

Diane Lane in The Fabulous Stains. This film is rarely seen, and is not available on any home medium.


The big deal of the day: high def caps of Marisa Tomei in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. Not only are they large (1280x688), but the imager brightened them, which is especially important in the dark sex scene with Phil Hoffman. You can now see the whole magilla. The download is a monstrous 200 meg, but definitely worth it, in my book. Below are various collages and captures from two different guys. The three gigantic ones with the green border were created by the guy who did the vids. The individual frames come from Scanman.


Catherine Devine in Riding the Bullet

Joanna Pacula in Last Gasp

Katrin Cartlidge in Naked

Lou Borger in Le Septieme Porte

Loletta Lee in Spirit of Love

Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway

Tomita Tasuko in The Christ of Nanking

Louise Monot in La Prophetie d'Avignon

Two from Vampire in Venice: Barbara de Rossi and Anne Knecht

Alison Elliott and Debbie Linden in Before Midnight