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Una sull'altra

Jean Sorel and Alberto de Mendoza are brothers who run an upscale medical clinic in San Francisco. The business is in some financial trouble, and Sorel is constantly planting fake news stories to gain a little publicity. That is not Sorel's only problem. His wife, whom he doesn't get along with, is not at all well. He hires a nurse to stay with her, and goes to visit his mistress, Elsa Martinelli. Later, he is notified that his wife is dead.

Then come a series of surprises. A large insurance policy naming him as beneficiary is found in her effects. Then he is told that they have found traces of poison in his wife's body, and finds himself tried for murder.

The only catch?  He has met an exotic dancer who looks much like his wife, but with different hair and eye color. He thinks that his wife isn't really dead at all.

The suspense derives from the uncertain fate of Sorel's character, and director Lucio Fulci does an excellent job of building it. Una sull'altra (1969), or One on Top of the Other, is Lucio Fulci's first giallo. As time went on he would become known for gialli rather than horror stories, but his later efforts had much more gore than this one.  In addition to the suspenseful storytelling, I enjoyed the period look at San Francisco. Aerials of Alcatraz and San Quentin, and a visit to the San Quentin gas chamber were especially interesting.

The film has just been released by Severin in a newly remastered version they call "Perversion Story." This marks the first time the uncensored version has been available in the USA. The transfer seems grainy and a little saturated. No doubt the source material was also that way, but  it does not look as good as previous Severin efforts. The DVD itself is devoid of special features, but the package does include a bonus CD of the film's jazz score.

This is a C+ as a very watchable giallo.

IMDb readers say 7.3, but with less than 100 votes.



Marisa Mell, Elsa Martinelli, and several unknowns all show T&A.

Marisa Mell

Elsa Martinelli









Old School

Today we have caps and two clips of a funny bit with Will Farrell and two topless chicks (Lisa Donatz & Corinne Kingsbury) in Old School.







Blood Salvage

Father Jake (Danny Nelson) is a surgical genius. He's also a totally deranged religion freak who, with the help of his two sons Hiram and Roy, removes the healthy organs of innocent people and sells them to a sleazy elderly guy on the black market. Pretending to own a towing-service, Jake picks up the happy Evans family on their way home from a beauty contest where the crippled daughter April (Lori Birdsong) almost won. He takes an interest in April, as he thinks he can cure her damaged spine, but the young girl is tougher than she looks and fights back.


Lori Birdsong






Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 20

Season 3, Ep  21 -22

This concludes season three, but season four stars tomorrow!

Tammy MacIntosh, S3, E21

Claudia Black, S3, E22

Claudia Black, S3, E22








On one level, this 2006 drama from Australia is also a romance. On another level, it's one of the saddest and most depressing movies you'll see. Have plenty of tissues and anti-depressants ready.

A poet (Heath Ledger) and an art student (Abbie Cornish) fall in love. As she falls more in love with him, she also falls in love with his freewheeling lifestyle and his love of heroin. Hooked on the drug and one another, their love and their addiction grows simultaneously. Their need for money to buy drugs causes both of them to prostitute themselves, steal, and do whatever it takes to get the drugs, but through it all, their love continues. Eventually, of course, things spiral downward until even that isn't enough.

Well-acted but thoroughly unpleasant movie is very good, but stretches the concept of "entertainment", because it's a giant bummer.

Abbie Cornish






Once Upon a Wedding

No nudity in Once Upon a Wedding (2005), just some cleavage by

Charlotte Ayanna

 and Ivonne Azurdia.


Population 436

No visible nudity in Population 436 (2006). The closest we come is a visible nipple patch worn by Charlotte Sullivan.


Cannonball Run II

Cannonball Run II (1984) doesn't aspire to any intellectual heights but is just a short piece of entertainment.

 Catherine Bach


 Susan Anton


 and an unknown hitchhiker


... are some of the lovely ladies that help provide that entertainment.


Thrill of the Kill (2006)

The nudity in Thrill of the Kill comes from a topless Pina Di Blasi just before she is murdered.


 Shiri Appleby ...


... and Judith Baribeau ...


...  are shown in their underwear.



Late Night With David Letterman

Some cleavage by Paula Abdul from a recent Letterman.


A Wonderful Night in Split

Plenty of topless nudity in the Croatian film A Wonderful Night in Split aka Ta divna Splitska noc (2004). It was well worth watching,

and not just for Marija Skaricic


 and Nives Ivankovic


Something Like Happiness

Whilst still in Europe, we have the Czech movie Something Like Happiness aka Stestí (2005). The topless nudity comes from Anna Geislerová as she takes a bath.



Two Came Back

The title of this movie, Two Came Back (1997), is actually its biggest spoiler - it tells you what is going to happen!

 No nudity but some nice bikini shots and pokies by Melissa Joan Hart



 and Susan  Walters


Anything Else

Christine Ricci looks very sexy in her underwear and she shows it in  Anything Else (2003).

(Film clips)


Sexy Beast

The topless nudity in the mediocre Sexy Beast (2000) is by Julianne White


 and some unknowns.


There's also some cleavage by Amanda Redman.


Flirting with Danger

It is supposed to be Charisma Carpenter's butt in Flirting with Danger (2006) but it almost certainly a body double.  It appears to be missing her tattoo. However, there are some sexy shots of her.



Hotel Erotica : High School Crush

Plenty of nakedness on display in Hotel Erotica : High School Crush (2003) by

Nicole Oring


Tanya James


Ander Paige



Scarlet Johansing  (aka Monique Parent)


and Tina Leiu.







Live Feed

2006 Canadian videonasty by the same makers of Hell Hath No Fury. If you get this make sure to get the unrated version as it shows a stripper doing a full guccimag spread plus the full porn clip "Womb Service" in the extras.

(1) Ashley Schappert: nude tied up.
(2) Caroline Chojnacki: topless having sex with skirt on.
(3) Linda Stang: topless in porn clip.
(4) Janna Jolynn: topless in porn clip with a little snatch-cam.
(5) Charlene McCulloch: showing her shaved clam as stripper.
(6) Taayla Markell: cleavage.
(7) Jennifer Chow: cleavage.






Francesca Neri in Outrage. Now here's a film with an important message: rapists have to be very careful about choosing their victims. In this case, a bunch of thugs rape a circus sharpshooter. As you might guess, a woman who can shoot out a candle from 50 yards while standing on a galloping horse will have little difficulty mowing down some drunken street thugs. When the law lets her down, she slaughters them like Bill Cody on a herd of buffalo. Francesca remained unknown to Americans, but was quite well known on the continent. (Film clips)

Tara Reid in Body Shots. Given the presence of the ultimate party girl, you will be pleasantly surprised by both the scene and the film itself.  (Film clips)

Supposed proof that Paris has new breasts, as opposed to a new bra. I'm taking no position on this, because you know she'll get caught naked soon anyway.