Happy Easter

TV Recap

There was an alleged Kristen Bell sex scene on House of Lies (s1e11), but it is almost surely a body double, in that she would have been gravid with child when this scene was lensed. (And it is cut so that face and body appear in different shots.)

Tatiana Maslany exposed her bottom in the first episode of Orphan Black, a new BBC America series.

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"True Blood"

this completes season five in 1920x1080


Janina Gavankar and some other (unidentified) actress

Valentina Cervi


Crown Jewels


Alicia Vikander


Bolly Double


Sitara Hewitt: Very nice cleavage in pushup bikini top. If she wore a revealing outfit like that on an episode of Little House on the Prairie a fatwa would have been issued against the CBC.

"Lost Girl"

 episode: "Delinquents" (s3e10)

Brittany Allen: brassiere.

"Being Human"

episode: "If I Only Had Raw Brain" (s3e11)

Jessica Malka: bra and panties as lapdancer.

strippers: bra and panties.

"Eve of Destruction"

(2013 TV mini-series)

Leah Gibson: panties getting out of bed with Mayor Braga.

Christina Cox: very sexy.

Jennifer Kitchen: nice cleavage.


episode: "Bromosomes" (s1e08)

Leah Fassett: brassiere.

"Rick Mercer Report"

episode 10.19

Linda Kash: sexy.


(2011; trailer)

stripper: bare back only.

J'etais la

(2010 short)

Marie-Josee Belanger: legs and cleavage as rape victim.

Film Clips

Deborah Francois in Populaire (2012) in 1080p

Julia Lemaire in Je (2012) in 1080p

Tatiana Becquet, also in Je

Katie McGrath in Labyrinth (e1) in 720p

Jessica Brown Findlay
, also in the first episode of Labyrinth

Lisa Ryder's CGI-chest in Jason X (2001) in 720p

Tricia Vessey in Trouble Every Day (2001)

Emmanuelle Seigner in Place Vendome (1998)

Pics and Collages

Andrea Lowell in Sorority Party Massacre (2013)

Eve Mauro, also in Sorority Party Massacre

Amandine Maugy in Le Hobby (2012)

Former Dutch supermodel Karen Mulder sunbathing topless in Jan 2012