"Des fleurs sur la neige" (Celine Dion's topless scene) is a miniseries not a film. It may have been available on VHS but, if so, is long out of print.



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Raw Justice


Pamela Anderson film clips (captures below)


April Bogenschutz film clips (captures below)




The last of the Polarscan strip clips:

Today's strips: Daniela Blume - many additional stripping performances




Film Clips

Barbara Goenaga in Agnosia (2010; see below)

Julie Depardieu in Le mariage a trois (2010; see below)

Agathe Bonitzer in Le mariage a trois (2010; see below)

Isabelle Carre in Le refuge in 1080p (2009)

Carey Mulligan in The Greatest (2009; in HD; see below)

Zooey Deschanel in Gigantic (2009; in 1080p)

Alexandra Ansidei in La difference c'est que c'est pas pareil (2009 in 720p; see below)

Anna Jimskaia in Monamour (2006 in 720p; see below)

Asha Jenkins in Vrooom Vroom Vrooom (1995; see below)

Stefanie Powers in Crescendo (1970), It's dubbed in French, but is an excellent copy of this rarely-seen nudity.




More of Kathy Griffin without her top

Arly Jover in Gigola

Lou Doillon in Gigola

Marie Kremer in Gigola

somebody else in Gigola

partial nip-slip from Milla

Rachel Davies in A Private Functiion (1984)