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"Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

Lena Headey film clip.

Lena gets hosed down, then showers. You can't see any naughty bits, but it's still sexy.









Bare Witness


The red-hot Angie Everhart gets all kind of sexy in this grade-b thriller starring a lesser Baldwin. Big clip in high definition.



TV Land

Scoop's notes: Talk about 1970s nostalgia - a high definition clip from the Dick Cavett show featuring Raquel Welch, with Janis Joplin in the other guest chair. This interview took place on June 25, 1970. Raquel was plugging her movie, Myra Breckinridge, which had opened the previous day. The mayhem at the opening was the first topic which Raquel discussed with the little fella. Also on that same show were Doug Fairbanks and the legendary NBC newscaster Chet Huntley. (Much like being the king, it was good to be Dick Cavett. He was kind of a boring, self-absorbed little fanboy, but he was bright, and he always had the best guests.)

Janis, a regular on Cavett's program, was dead about three months later (October 4th)

Here is a clip of Janis singing on that same show:

Here are Hank's collages of Raquel:







Notes and collages

"The Closer"

Season 1, episode 1

The woman who is only one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon: Kyra Sedgwick









"Sexy Shorts"

episode: "Sensual Spirit"

Carrie Lee again, this time with "Felicia" in a film clip.

 Sample below.







Diary of a Sex Addict

(2008; Spain)

Scoop's note: El Seņor Moronic went ballistic with this one. The download for the Belen Fabra film clips is almost half a gig!

Belen Fabra film clips (collages below)

Alba Ribas film clips (collages below)









Carly Pope, Young People Fucking

Diana Kruger, Troy

Shannon Elizabeth, 2001 MTV awards

Madeline Zima in Californication

Mischa Barton in Closing the Ring

Superdupermodel Daria Werbowy


Film Clips

Christiane Paul in Freunde

Eva Mendes in The Spirit. These are supposed to be from a DVD, but it must be the worst quality DVD ever. But never mind that. The key fact is that Eva is naked. What a butt!

Paz Vega in The Spirit. She's not nekkid, but Paz is always worth lookin' at.

Valentina Cervi in Rien sue Robert

Lacey Chabert in Home Front. She's nude from the side, but the covers the nipple with her knee. This is the most nudity she has done, which is a shame. Do you recognize the older woman in the clip? It is former child star turned dysfunctional adult Tatum O'Neal.

Former winner of the Best Actress Oscar, Marion Cotillard, in Taxi

Lots of kinky nudity from former two-time Bond girl (Octopussy and The Man With The Golden Gun) Maud Adams in the offbeat Tattoo. Maud returned to movies in 2008 after a 12-year layoff in something called The Seekers, which I know absolutely nothing about.

A tribute to Edwige Fenech: Part 2: The Man With The Golden Brush, which firmly established her as the queen of Eurocrap. Edwige was 21


Fran Drescher making a rare breast-flash in Cadillac Man in HD (720p). Two versions: regular and slo-mo. Sample right.

Lori Petty in Cadillac Man in 720p. Sample right.