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Macchie Solari

Macchie solari (1975), or Sun Spots, is a giallo that has been variously called Autopsy, The Magician, Sun Spots, Tarot, Tension and The Victim. The title this time around is Autopsy, which is a heinous bit of exploitation which, when coupled with a specially edited trailer, would lead you to believe this is a horror film having to do with re-animated corpses on a killing spree. While the opening scene features an autopsy and several suicides, the morgue and what goes on there are only tangential to the plot.

Mimsy Farmer plays an intern in forensic pathology. She's working on a method to distinguish real suicides from murders made to look like suicides. She has a busy night, due to a large number of suicides, which reporters try to blame on increased sun spot activity, hence the original Italian title. She begins to hallucinate that the corpses are coming back to life.

Definitely time to go home.

In her building she runs into her upstairs neighbor. Imagine her surprise the next day when the woman turns up at the morgue. Not only that, but she strongly suspects the neighbor's death to be a murder made to look like suicide. Together with a flaky father, her father's ex girlfriend, a priest and her own photographer boyfriend, she tries to unravel the mystery.

Like most gialli, the scriptwriters don't include enough real clues to allow viewers to solve the mystery, but once the solution to the puzzle has been revealed, all the pieces fit. The new region one release marks the first time this film has been available uncut in North America, and there is a lot of nudity to savor in a very nice transfer, backed by a musical score from the omnipresent Ennio Morricone. You have a choice of Italian with English subtitles or dubbed English,

This is a C. A solid giallo.

IMDb readers say 5.4.


Mimsy Farmer shows breasts and buns in several scenes.

Cindy Girling shows everything as a victim.
An unknown woman also shows everything in the morgue.
Angela Goodwin is seen in a see through blouse.
Gaby Wagner shows everything as a victim.









A doubleheader today.

Totally Awesome

First up, Zara Taylor flashes her tits for a dude in Totally Awesome, as seen in in these caps and a clip.



Susan's Plan


Then, Christina Vanuti flaunts her boobs in Dying To Get Rich...Susan's Plan. Caps and a clip.







Night Angel

Night Angel is about an evil demon woman, Lilith (Isa Jank), who has been around since the beginning of time. After many millennia of ducking the media, Lilith decides she wants to be on the cover of a fashion magazine. You would think a dame like that would have higher goals than a fifteen-year-old girl, but I guess it just goes to show that you can never underestimate the vanity of women. Lilith is supposed to be the most beutiful woman on earth, and while Isa Jank is not bad looking, her co-star Debra Feuer, who plays the girlfriend of the good guy, is way better looking than Isa, at least in my modest opinion.

So, unless you like latex monsters and funny-looking F/X, this movie should be avoided at all costs.

At least it has some nudity:


Isa Jank

Debra Feuer






Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 19

Season 3, Ep  20

Tammy MacIntosh, S3, E20

Claudia Black, S3, E20

Tammy MacIntosh and Claudia Black, S3, E20

Rebecca Riggs, S3, E18






A tribute to Shauna Sand







If you are reading these words you probably know who Ursula Andress is. If not, lets just say that if you were choosing the ten sexiest women in screen history, Ursula would certainly be on your short list, possibly in the final group. He she is in The Last Chance


Catherine Devine in 2004's Riding the Bullet, a film adaptation of a Steven King novel.
This is actually an animated .gif of Jessica Biel in Chuck and Larry. It will take a while to load, but it is quite a bit of fun to watch. One might say it is mesmerizing. It would be a great hypnotist's device: "watch the butt," "watch the butt", "you are getting sleepy."
Reliving the good times. Two memories of Anna Kournikova's greatest nude moments.

Pat's comments in yellow...

In San Diego, California, attorney Theodore Pinnock, who has cerebral palsy, was accused of making a living by lodging unsubstantiated allegations against businesses for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by not providing handicapped access.   He'd sent letters threatening lawsuits to over 100 businesses, including a convenience store that had been closed for over two years. A federal judge ordered Pinnock to pay over $15,000 in fines and fees and to take a four-hour course in ethics and personal responsibility for lawyers.

* Couldn't they cover that in about four minutes? 

*  Sentencing a lawyer to ethics class is cruel and unusual punishment!  It's like sentencing Dracula to four hours of sunbathing!