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Mar 26

Encyclopedia Volume D Upgraded

New total: 10,278

This upgrade: 181

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March 21

Fakes Upgraded.

19 New

1681 total

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by Uncle Scoopy

(Written March 26, 1999)
The ENCYCLOPEDIA volume D was updated yesterday ... about 180 images added in this revision. All new ones dated. The current stats and links to the non-working previews can be found on the left side, or you can click here to go directly. Note, the sign-up page now includes completely current non-working samples of these and every other volume.

The FAKES were updated Saturday. 19 new ones added to the archives in Volumes L-Z. 1,681 is the new total.

The RASSLIN' BABES were updated about three weeks ago. (I'm due, I know). 44 new pics, including nudity from Miss Jacqueline and Sable, and everything-but from Francine.

21,500 barrier crossed! Total celeb site file stats as of today: Back issues 11,122. Encyclopedia 10,278. Rasslin Babes 318. Total (real) 21,718. PLUS 1,662 FAKES.

The BACK ISSUES now stretch from last April 21th to yesterday, so you could probably read them forever. NOTE: the BACK ISSUES now include a search function. Since pictures take some time to get to the Encyclopedia, you may be looking for a specific picture or star or comment and you can now find it by searching the back issues. It is a simple boolean search, to keep the speed up. Type in some words, choose "any" or "all", and the search will return a link to any issues that mention the words.

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by Doctor Ivan

(Written March 20, 1999)

So, a baloonist has finally circumnavigated the globe. Big deal. The new changes at Tit Queen deluxe make it easier to navigate 10,000 images of massive all-natural globes.

Plus, we've opened up three more galleries dedicated to 70's legends Kelly Everts, Julia Parton, and Mona Paige, and added 40 images to our gallery of Hannah Viek.

This week's video gallery features British goddess Virginia Fulsom. These clips last one week only, so don't delay.

The Tit Queen deluxe page is a true tit-man's dream come true. No silicone, just all-natural big busted babes from the days when tits were real. 10,000 images that are udderly delightful. Click here and sign up today.

Today's Stuff
  • We had some technical difficulties yesterday so we're extending the Monday/weekend edition for an extra day. So I'll keep my comments brief 'cause I know that many of you have a lot of reading to catch up on!
  • Kathleen Kinmont
  • I guess she's best known from the "Renegade" TV series, and as the former Mrs. Lorenzo Lamas. I think she's below Vanilla Ice, but above Gary Coleman on the celeb scale. I'll have to double check the celeb-o-meter to be sure.
  • I'm not sure who to thank for these, but these topless and bare bum 'caps mostly come form the movie "The Corporate Ladder".
  • Kathleen Kinmont form "The Corporate Ladder" #3.
  • Kathleen Kinmont form "The Corporate Ladder" #4.
  • A different movie this time is Kathleen from "Halloween" part 50, or something.
  • On more from "Halloween 4".
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  • From The Anonymous Guy
  • Always one of his favorites to vidcap...Caroline Key Johnson. 'Caps from "Erotic Confessions".
  • Caroline Key Johnson from "Erotic Confessions" #2.
  • Caroline Key Johnson from "Erotic Confessions" #3.
  • Looking for your favorite B-movie bimbo? Chances are you'll find them in the Scoopy subscription area. Get full access to the back issues, the rasslin' babes site, the fakes, the Fun House, the Encyclopedia, and the Mardi Gras pics! Over 21,500 images! Click here for more details!
  • From Magwolf
  • As I mentioned in Saturday's edition...the rest of Magwolf's salute to the other James Bond, not "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", the other, other James Bond movie..."Casino Royale"! Here is one of my all time favorite Bond Babes...Ursula Andress. No nudity here, but some sexy, swinging, 60's outfits!
  • Next from "Casino Royale", Barbara Bouchet. As a bonus, this collage features a topless scan too.
  • Daliah Lavi is next. Here we see her with Sr's favorite Bond, Jimmy Bond.
  • One more of Daliah Lavi
  • Looking for the best archive of celebrity nudity on the 'net? Visit the Scoopy subscription area. Get full access to the back issues, the rasslin' babes site, the fakes, the Fun House, the Encyclopedia, and the Mardi Gras pics! Over 21,500 images! Over 40,000 movie frames. Click here for more details!
  • Mamie Van Doren
  • A true classic in the land of Celebrity nudity! This is part one of two. The rest of course will be here tomorrow. First up, a collage by RC.
  • From Graphic Response, arguably the best in the bunch. We don't favor any imaging artist over the others, but there is a reason GR is the Grand Master!
  • Mamie Van Doren #3.
  • An excellent scan of Mamie, by Elliffen Graphix.
  • Boatfan's turn! Another great tribute to the classic B actress.
  • Mamie Van Doren #6.
  • Mamie Van Doren#7.
  • Looking for images from your favorite imaging artist? You can now look up their assorted home pages in a permanent link on the left side. The page lists their personal page, association page, IRC channel, etc.
  • Fun House Variety
  • Kate Moss goes Full Frontal! We first ran this image last week, this time it's SBS' turn to take a crack at it. I think this one is a bit lighter than last weeks. Either way, it shows everything!
  • Another Kate Moss topless scan by SBS.
  • From Dragon, here is a nice topless B&W of supermodel Carla Bruni.
  • One more of Carla Bruni by Dragon. This time, one hell of a posterior view!
  • Natasha Richardson is up next, in several topless vidcaps collaged by Graphic Response.
  • I'm not sure who Arabella Sharman is, but she is very hot. Jenz stamped his monicker on this one, so I think it's safe to say that she's a Brit? Just a guess.
  • A huge scan of Rebecca Romijn in one of her famous painted on swim suits. I don't think this one has been shown in the Fun House yet. At least not on my watch.
  • I just couldn't resist this one, it was just too 70's disco cool! Not quite Disco Beaver cool, but close...Here is Lynda Carter in full Wonder Woman gear. Well, almost, the Golden Lariat of Truth is missing. Not to sound like the Cyber geek that I am, but who didn't have fantasies about being tied up by the Golden Lariat of Truth by Wonder Woman! Hell, even I did and I was but a tadpole when that show was on! A very special thanks to Bad Ax. Maybe next time he can find some Electra Woman and Dyna Girl images!
  • A Fun House tradition....Bettie Page by ZonononZor.
  • One more of Bettie Page by Zon.
  • For the Rasslin' fans here's a little something to tide us over until the Wrestlemania XV 'caps come in. Here is Sable showing off on the Howard Stern Show.
  • From Donbun, something from the Vault of Obscurity...Christina Ferrare in 'caps from "Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary".
  • One more of Christina Ferrare by Donbun.
  • A second look at some great, rare 'caps...A very young Suzanne Sommers, topless from her first movie, "Magnum Force". Thanks to Devilscan.
  • Cool Places To Go!
  • Scanman. I know of only one other guy who adds material about as frequently as we do, so I guess we'll leave up a permanent link to him, for those of you who can't get enough of your fresh daily vitamins. 100% his own original material.
  • Charlie's Caps. There is no better source on French Cinema nudity, or just general info on French cinema. In French or English. Updated every Friday. All of his material is his own original work.
  • Playboy. You won't find any Playboy pics on this site, but they have their own website, and have digitized about everything they have! Cool! Not free, but reasonable!