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Da Vinci's Demons got back on track in the second episode of the new season (s2e2) after pitching a nudity shut-out in the annual premiere. Laura Haddock and Estella Daniels appeared topless. Oh, that Da Vinci! Brilliant in so many ways, he was obviously also a genius at getting women out of their clothing.


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"Tanya X"

OZ's notes:

One last show:

Thsi is the web series Tanya X. Tanya X is played by Beverly Lynne who is the girl from the Bureau of International Knowledge Intelligence and Nonstandard Investigations (B.I.K.I.N.I.). It’s available on the web or on DVD. The 12 shows are all short, only about 12 minutes each and most of that consists of nakedness.

Episode 1 Jungle Fever (2010)

Beverly Lynne

Episode 2 Is It Fake? (2011)

Beverly Lynne

Episode 3 Ye Olde Sex Shoppe (2011)

Beverly Lynne

Christine Nguyen

Episode 4 Big Balls and Knockers (2011)

Kylee Nash

Episode 5 Fraternization (2011)

Beverly Lynne

Monique Parent

Episode 6 An Old Flame (2011)

Beverly Lynne

"L'amour avec un grand A"

aka "Love with A Capital L" (le mini series)

Quebec miniseries which ran for 52 episodes from 1986 to 1996. Each episode has a different cast and deals with a different sexual and taboo issue (many too risque for regular networks until much later). This series features early nudity for many Quebec actresses such as Guylaine Tremblay (Unite 9). Unfortunately only 10 of these episodes are available on DVD and the studio that issued the DVD boxset is no longer online.

Sylvie Leonard: upskirt getting date raped.

Marie Tifo: boob and butt.

Linda Sorgini: topless in shower.

Adele Reinhardt: partial boob.

Louise Latreverse: la GILF.

Johanne Fontaine: in very skimpy teddy.

Diane Jules: topless.

Monique Spaziani: bathtub scene showing nothing.

Amulette Garneau: bathtub scene with Monique Spaziani showing nothing

(Garneau and Spaziani are playing mother and daughter and I don’t know what that's supposed to mean).

"Working the Engels"

episode: "Jenna's Friend" (s1e03)'

The obligatory strip club episode.

Kacey Rohl: actress  from last season’s Hannibal very sexy as lawyer stripper.

Rebecca Dalton: sexy as stripper.

Talia Russo: sexy as stripper.

Rachel Wilson: MILF.

stripper: sexy.

Bomb Girls  - Facing the Enemy

(2014) (TV)

This television movie serves as the series finale for the series.

unknowns: maidenform underwear in obligatory changeroom scene.


(s1e11) (hidef upgrade)

Kristen Pizycki: nude as Laura Vandevoort’s stunt butt.

In the news...

Valerie Dodds aka porn star Val Midwest was thrown in jail for posting nekkid twitter-titter pics of herself in front of her old high school.


le English speaking series, du à la épisode "Les Islands" (s1e09)

Laurence Leboeuf: sort of nude.

"Unite 9"

le tv series

Danielle Proulx: possibly the grossest strip search scene ever. (le s2e23)

Guylaine Tremblay: playing with her boobs. (le s2e23)


That was Melanie Pilon making out with Eve Landry in the previous episode.

Melanie Pilon: topless making out with Eve Landry. (le s2e22)

Melanie Pilon: more making out with Eve Landry. (le s2e22)

Melanie Pilon: skivvies in her first episode. (le s2e13)



An old film digitally restored by the National Film Board.

Monique Lepage: nude with bush and butt visible through see-thru panties.

Michele Magny: topless getting gangbanged.

Amulette Garneau: topless taking a proverbial roll in the hay.


TV/Film Clips

Sophie Lowe in Autumn Blood (2013)

Nina Brandt in Muenchen Mord: Wir Sind Die Neuen (2013)

Julia Koschitz, also in Muenchen Mord: Wir Sind Die Neuen

Kendra Anderson in Copper (s02e07) in 1080p

Silje Reinamo in Thale (2012) in 1080

Louise Wehlin in Utan Snoe (2011) in 720p


More Cora Keegan

Olivia Molina in Memoria de mis putas tristes (2012)

Paula Medina, also in Memoria de mis putas tristes

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