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Teri Polo film clips (captures below)

Scoop's notes:

She didn't get naked much. This was her best nude scene.

While we're at it, here's the rest of Teri Polo's nudity, which amounts to approximately nothing:

The House of the Spirits

Second String




Today's strip: Daniela Blume (sample below)

A couple of magazine images of Daniela






Kaboom is a teen drama mixed with apocalyptic themes about Smith (Thomas Dekker) who is sort of gay, sort of not, who has a dream that is about to foreshadow his future. In the meantime, he has a crush on the dopey surfer roommate and at a party, meets London (Juno Temple), whom he sleeps with and becomes fuck buddies with. His best friend Stella (Haley Bennett) has a new girlfriend Lorelei (Roxane Mesquida) who has mysterious powers, but is also one of the unidentified girls in his dream. The other unidentified girl is a red-haired girl who first throws up on his shoes and then is found in her underwear running away from men in animal masks and then murdered in front of Smith. Or so it seems.

On his 19th birthday, Smith's dream begins to make sense and he could be the saviour of the world.

Or something.

Ah, Gregg Araki, still making films that feature the hot bods of both teen boys and girls. He was the shit when I was college age and nothing much has seemed to changed over the last 20 years, still making films where shit just happens, still with dreadful dialogue. Oh, it's still a lot of fun, even if the ending to this film is so ridiculous that you'll be scratching your head trying to work it out (and if you have worked it out, please tell me, I'm still baffled as to why everyone is interconnected).

And as I said above, there's always the hot bods and there's a fair share of both in the film. But, if you were to tell me that there was a film where new faves Juno Temple, Haley Bennett and one of my fave French actresses Roxane Mesquida were to get naked in the one film, well, well... it's happened so enjoy!

Haley Bennett captures and collages:

Roxanne Mesquida collages:


Juno Temple collages:





Film Clips

Elizabeth Cervantes in Oscura Seduction (2011; see below). This is so new IMDb hasn't discovered it yet.

And Maria Cuevas in Oscura Seduction (see below)

Eva Birthistle in Wake Wood (2011)

Sharon Stone in the future classic Largo Winch 2 - The Burma Conspiracy (2011, no nudity)

Now this is great nudity! Sara Forestier in Le Nom Des Gens (2010;  see below)

Sophie Ward in Book of Blood in 1080p (2009; see below)

720p action from Elsa Pataky in Mancora (2008)

720p action from Liz Gallardo in Mancora (2008)

720p action from Lucia Ojeda and Anahi de Cardenas in Mancora (2008)

Lauren Holly in a sexy fantasy sequence on "Picket Fences" (see below)

Celine Dion topless! The show is Des Fleurs sur la Niege (1991, see below)



Kathy Griffin, looking trim and toned at 50

Cheryl Dunye in The Owls (2010)

Erindera Farga in Bleading Lady

Sindy Faraguna in Bleading Lady (2010)

Sindy Faraguna in the special features on the Bleading Lady DVD

Looking back on the leaked pics of Kat Dennings


Prime Elizabeth Hurley

Renee Summers in the notorious Driller (1984)

Taija Rae in Driller (1984)