The Cook


It's spring break in a sorority house. Most of the girls have headed down to Cabo for the sun, but eight have stayed behind for various reasons. As the recess begins, a new cook starts to work at the house. He is a handsome Hungarian and popular, despite  the fact that he can't speak a word of English. His popularity declines considerably as the film progresses, mainly because he creates his gourmet meals by killing the girls one by one, then feeding them to the survivors.

The Cook is a formulaic slasher-kills-horny-teens film. It's neither a poor effort nor a good one. Although the production values are adequate and the narrative is smooth, the film is utterly unremarkable. It's one of those films that make you feel you've seen it even when you haven't, because there is nothing to distinguish it from every other similar movie since Friday the 13th. The eight girls represent the full coterie of slasher movie stock characters: the religious zealot trying to deny her burning lust, the snarky dyke, the nympho, the girl who studies all the time, the bubbly exercise freak, the dumb blonde, etc. The same lack of creativity behind the characterization is also reflected in the dialogue.

Nor does the film redeem itself with genre indulgences. There are no wildly inventive deaths nor good scares. The only dramatic tension revolves around the order in which the cast of characters will die. The film's only interesting secrets are held back until the epilogue. The only real guilty pleasures come from some moderately kinky sex and nudity from some attractive women.

A good portion of The Cook's failure to register any memorable images upon our consciousness can be attributed to the fact that it tries to negotiate a balance between straightforward splatter and black comedy, thus ending up with a half-hearted effort at both. Given the routine nature of the gore, the filmmakers probably would have been better off to commit fully to the black comedy angle, where the script showed an occasional glimpse of inspiration.



Film clips:

The bulk of the nudity comes from Nina Fehren, a tall thin woman with an athletic body and a shapely derriere. She strips topless for body shots in one scene, then gets naked and masturbates in the bathtub before being killed.

Bubbly Kit Paquin was the most charming woman in the cast, but showed minimal nudity. She did a brief sex scene with her math tutor. She showed her tushy but was shown to be covered on top when the camera accidentally went where it was not supposed to.

As the slave in a lesbian bondage relationship, Brooke Lenzi was chained and stripped topless by her partner, then killed by the madman while she was still bound and undressed.







I've reviewed this before. It's yet another film adapted from a video game. I expected to hate it, but ended up being pleasantly surprised because the two main characters were interesting, unpredictable, and surprisingly deep, and because Timothy Olyphant rose above the material. He's an odd duck who consistently delivers unusual line readings which seem to include layers of subtext. He's well on his way to becoming the Walken of his generation - the quiet man who conveys a sense of his own intimidating madness without ever doing anything explosively crazy.

Anyway, this time I looked at the Blu-Ray version and produced these jumbo-ass captures.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Private School


After seeing the clips from Private School in Friday's Fun House, we just had to take a trip down memory lane and do some caps.

This one was all about Betsy Russell as she gave up the boobs and even a flash of bush in these classic nude scenes.

Lynda Weismeier bares all in the shower, she has quite a rack.

A very young Brinke Stevens with some T & A in the shower.

Then wash it all down with some topless unknowns in the shower room.






Notes and collages

Promises! Promises!


Part 1 of ?

Jayne Mansfield


As a film to watch and enjoy, Promises! Promises! is way down the list. It's a waste of valuable time for many reasons.

In terms of film nudity history, however, it was a major turning point in Hollywood.  Ms. Mansfield was the first major American actress to get that very naked for the movie camera. The film was banned in the U.S. for that reason.

Ms. Mansfield was reputed to have an I.Q. of 163, so she was never the dumb blonde she portrayed. I suspect that her plan was to use this film to jump start her waning career; unfortunately that did not work out. She also once linked herself with the Church of Satan as a publicity stunt.

I wish I could have met her just for the fascinating conversation we could have had...







Disappearing Lingerie


Jana Mikusova is the last of three women from this vid.

The other two are found in the Thursday and Friday issues.

Here are the film clips, a sample is seen below.








No Mercy for the Rude


Well, here is my first attempt at a Korean update. While the caps are fine, it's frustrating to work out the English language version of their names because the languages are so different in so many ways. Ah well, I hope they're right...

The first in the series, No Mercy for the Rude, is an excellent action film about a mute hitman who is given the job of killing a corrupt doctor who is inadvertently helping the hitman get his speech back. Also he inadvertently gets a wife and son. Sounds ridiculous, but it's a lot of fun and I enjoyed it.

Here are the film clips of Yun Ji-Hye (Warning: 130 meg).

The collages are below:







Andrea Losleben. The haunting of Rebecca Verlaine.

Keira Knightley in Silk

Nina Gnaedig in Ein Langer Abscheid


Film Clips

A short but semi-famous scene of Brenda James in Cutting Class, cheerleading sans panties, much to the amusement of her lecherous principal, the late Roddy MacDowell. This 1989 film has an eclectic cast that includes a young Brad Pitt and the son of the hippie-dippie singer Donovan.

A truly famous nude scene. Caroline Ducey spreads open for a gyno shot in a mainstream French movie, Romance.

A famous nude scene from an earlier era. Olivia Hussey exposes her massive chest in Zeferelli's version of Romeo and Juliet.

A few women from The Last Kiss, a 2006 American remake of a 2001 Italian movie. Rachel Bilson, Cindy Sampson, Marley Shelton, Patricia Stasiak and Lisa Mackey

Two nice little nude scenes from Dreamers: Tracy Dali and Ruth de Sosa. Not to be confused with THE Dreamers, which is a highly respected Bertolucci movie, this one is a 1999 American indie about some Tennessee boys who want to make it big in L.A.'s film industry.

Joanna Pacula in Husbands

Leslie Caples in Serum

Here is a paparazzi video of Aniston in that thong bikini (sample right)
Here is a deleted scene from the DVD of The Lost, featuring Robin Sydney. (Sample right)