Working Girls

2020, 1080hd

Working Girls, aka Filles de Joie, is a new French film from Defoe. (More of his clips tomorrow.)

Annabelle Lengronne

Simone Dewaels

Sara Forestier


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Outlaw King

2018, 1920x1080

Florence Pugh

Defoe's clips from Working Girls appear above, in the Breaking News section. Many other clips from the French master will appear tomorrow in this space.

It’s a potpourri of European movies this week:

Erik & Erika

 (2018, Austria)

Erik & Erika has Lili Epply naked

 and a group of women are taking a shower.

True Love


Ines Djia


1996, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

90s update once more. Sigh, if Mad Dog Time (it was called Trigger Happy in Australia) wasn't bad enough, Larry Bishop got another script made and the result is Underworld, an incredibly annoying movie with so much talking about annoying minutiae, corny jokes (especially everyone saying can I be Frank to a character named Frank, Jesus Christ...) and when there wasn't any more talking, someone would shoot up the place or just shoot someone who turns up, usually for no reason including someone who was in a vegetative state for years. Oh and a scene that goes on for hours about show tunes, fucking hell.

Larry Bishop was an incredibly low rent Tarantino knock-off who used his father's name to get his piss poor scripts made and to rub salt into that wound, Tarantino used his pull to get made the utterly forgettable Hell Ride for him.

Apparently he has another movie in the works, heaven help us all...

Heidi Schanz film clip (sample below)

Tracey Mannen film clip (sample below)

Maria Forque in A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio (2019) in 1080hd

Leelee Sobieski in Hercules (2005) in a 4k slo-mo

Polly Walker in Robinson Crusoe (1997) in 1080hd

Joan Collins and others in Oh, Alfie! (1975) in 1080hd



Camila Cabello

Carrie-Anne Moss in Red Planet (2004, post-Matrix)

Carrie-Anne Moss in The Soft Kill (1997, pre-Matrix)

Paris Hilton