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"True Blood"

finished with season four, now working on season five


Janina Gavankar

Jessica Clark


Project X


Alexis Knapp


Black & White & Sex


Johnny's comments:

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Black & White & Sex is an interview drama where a usually unseen director (Matthew Holmes) interviews a prostitute named Angie for a film called Black & White & Sex. Angie, portrayed by 8 actresses (in order: Katherine Hicks, Anya Beyersdorf, Valerie Bader, Roxane Wilson, Michelle Vergara Moore, Dina Panozzo, Saskia Burmeister and Maia Thomas) is interviewed about her livelihood, how and why she got into prostitution, why she continues to do it, what she gets out of it and various experiences she's had. Over the while, we get to know more about both Angie and the director, including why the director has chosen Angie and prostitution as his subject. Angie can be whoever you want her to be and over the 90 minutes, we are going to find out who she can be. A difficult film to describe as the entire movie is an interview between the director and Angie, pertaining to be as it happened. And it's unbelievably fascinating. Angie is a wildcard and doesn't like not being in control and throughout the interview, the power between the interviewer and interviewee changes back and forth. The story of both the interviewer and interviewee in fascinating as is explored fairly extensively over the 90 minutes. It's a terrible shame that this film has barely seen the light of day and is the most engrossing Australian film I've seen since Alexandra's Project (which is actually the closest film plot wise that I can think of, although still very different) and that was 10 years ago. If you are up for something very different to watch, Black & White & Sex is well worth a look. Great stuff all round.

Film Clips

Vicky Krieps, Anastasiia Kyryliuk and Tatiana Merizalde Dobles in Die Vermessung der Welt (2012)




Kristina Doerfer, Sina Tkotsch, Paula Schramm and Jasmin Lord in Blutsschwestern (2012)




Lord (no nudity)

Betsy Rue in Femme Fatales (s2e12)

Jackie Swanson in Perfect Victims (1988) in VHS quality

Pics and Collages

Crystal Storey in The Taint (2010)