A little mistake in Sunday Spaz’s Review.  It’s not Louise Marleau. The real name of the actress is Marie Eykel, a former star in Passe-Partout, a children's TV show in Quebec.
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You and I


You and I (I'll only ever know this film as Finding t.a.t.u thank you very much) is about two online friends Russian country girl Lana (Mischa Barton) and American girl living in Moscow Janie (Shantel VanSanten) who bond over their love of girl duo t.a.t.u. Lana dreams of being a model and writes lyrics influenced by t.a.t.u. Janie has a new Russian mum and gets by stealing her mother's drugs. They plan to meet each other at the t.a.t.u concert in Moscow, but when they get there, it turns out the tickets are fake. So, they go looking for a party and end up at one where they meet dodgy boy band promoter Ian (Charlie Creed-Miles) and one of the band members Dima (Alex Kaluzhsky) who introduces them to famous fashion mogul Edvard (Anton Yelchin, honing his Chekov) and the party life. Things are about to go awry as they taste the high life. Janie gets hooked on heroin and Lana gets sent up to jail (which bizarrely looks like the same place she works...). But, there's a surprise in store for Lana and Janie and it involves t.a.t.u.

Filmed (and possibly finished) in 2007, so much so it's final 2011 release has an 'Introducing Shantel VanSanten' even though The Final Destination was her first film released, You and I is pretty much and sex and shoot 'em up drugs film that was promised, but is downright laughable at every turn, which is exactly what I wanted. I can't decide what was more laughable in the film, a YouTube video with no hits becoming the worldwide sensation hit that t.a.t.u was looking for, Bronson Pinchot bizarrely cold cameo, Edvard 'leaving' the girls alone so they can have a lesbian affair in his bed, Lana thinking of becoming a whore, Lana going to jail for a trumped up public nuisance charge after the son of local 'entrepreneur' who has a thing for her has his chance of a recording contract snuffed out or the terrible singing he tries to get one with. Or, or, oh it's just all bad, but who cares, it's every bit as bad I hoped it would be and that's all I wanted. Or how Janie is found on the street by t.a.t.u's producer, even though he has no idea who she is...

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