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The Grifters


The director of The Grifters, Stephen Frears, has a new film coming out in May or June. Cheri stars Michelle Pfeiffer and is based on a novel by Colette. It is set in Paris during the interbellum. Frears is no stranger to elegant period pieces. He has also directed Dangerous Liaisons and Mrs Henderson Presents.

Colette's story has been made into at least four previous movies and/or TV mini-series, starting in 1950. The only one in the English language is a BBC mini-series. The others are in French or Italian. Michelle Pfeiffer will be the first American and the first major star to play the role of Lea. At least one blog lists Pfeiffer as a possible Oscar nominee, albeit a long shot.

Annette Bening film clips.






K2 is a film about mountain climbing. I'm not going to discuss it because it is a work of no special distinction, but it earns a place in our hearts by virtue of some bare flesh from a young Julia Nickson, Tricky Dick's older daughter.

OK, I'm fuckin' witcha. Maybe she was never the First Daughter, but she was married to either Starsky or Hutch, whichever was the blond, laid-back one. Her name back then was Julia Nickson-Soul, and they had a little mini-Starsky or mini-Hutch named China Soul. (Julia's mother is Chinese, and she has a distinctly Asian look.)

Apart from being Mrs. Starsky or Hutch, she is kinda sorta famous for a film that was never finished and released: Genghis Khan. In late 1992, Charlton Heston traveled to Russia and Central Asia to play a Mongol warlord named "Togrul" in this multi-million dollar, independently financed historical epic. Ken Annakin ("The Longest Day") was the director of this ill-fated production in which the money source simply dried up in mid-shoot. Heston claimed that he and his make-up man were probably the only ones who got paid.

Just in the past few months, the director, now 93, has cobbled all of the existing footage into a new film called: "Genghis Khan - The Story of a Lifetime." Richard Horowitz ("Any Given Sunday" & "Three Seasons") composed an original score which incorporates Mongolian folk music elements. The new project is scheduled to be released "sometime" in 2009, according to a variety of recent news sources. Madison Motion Pictures says that it is "about ready" and will be released "at the end of the year" in two different formats: a 6-hour mini-series or a 2-hour feature film.

How weird would that be if Charlton Heston got an Oscar nomination this year? Unfortunately, one supposes that his work in Mongolian make-up might possibly be just a hair less than Oscar-worthy, and the rest of the cast sounds nothing short of hilarious.

Genghis is played by an American actor from Alabama, Richard Tyson. You know him. Even if the name doesn't ring a bell, you would recognize him instantly. You probably remember him as the out-of-control cop who thinks Ben Stiller is a serial killer in There's Something About Mary, or as the hunky shirtless carnival guy in Two-Moon Junction, or from fifty other projects in which he either played a minor character or appeared in a minor movie. An example of his recent work is the lead in Stripper Academy, a 2007 film which is rated 2.3 at IMDb. (I watched that film. It seems to have been filmed on a home camcorder, and ... er ... let's just say they couldn't fit re-takes into the shooting schedule. Well, technically, I guess nobody could have flubbed a line, since they didn't seem to have a script to begin with.)

Yeah, that guy. He plays Genghis Khan, Khan the Terrible, Scourge of Eurasia, Alabama, and parts of Mississippi.

Now that I think about it, he couldn't be any worse than John Wayne in The Conqueror.

But wait. I'm not finished. Khan's mortal enemy the Emperor is played by ... (wait for it) ... Mister Myagi!

Ya gots ta love it.

Julia Nickson was the principal female star. Unlike Heston and Tyson, she actually has the appropriate ethnic appearance, more or less. She played the love interest for The G-man. At the time of filming, she was about the same age as seen below in the clip from K2.

The trailer for the Khan movie is below, if you are as intrigued as I am.


Julia Nickson film clip.

Sample below:







Fear City


Today the Time Machine takes us back a quarter of a century for a young Melanie Griffith showing off her sweet tits in "Fear City". Caps and a clip.



TV Land

Over in TV Land Samantha Harris returns with some cleavage from two "Dancing  With the Stars" shows back in April of 2007.Caps and two HD clips.

April 2

April 16







Notes and collages

Dead and Gone


Gillian Shure


Amy's O


Julie Davis


Virgin Territory


Kate Groombridge









"Sexy Shorts"

episode: "Postcards"

Monique Parent film clip.

 Sample below.









Another example of the "snake horror" sub-genre.

Mercedes McNab: topless but dead

Edwina Cheer: topless.

Edwina will be playing a 'bikini girl" in the Battlestar Galactica prequel ("Caprica") pilot being released to DVD next month.





Another dumb movie from the Sci-Fi network.

Anna Silk: very sexy


Desperate Souls


Hoser straight-to-video horror. No (female) nudity.

Karen Boshart: sexy




French-Canadian movie.

Sylvie Moreau: pokies and cameltoe.


La vie secrete des gens heureux


Another French-Canadian movie.

Catherine de Lea: topless

Julie Beauchemin: sexy



"Howie Do It"

(TV series)

Variety series which casts a lot of local Toronto area actresses. However, unlike John Byner's Bizarre from thirty years ago, none of them have to take off their tops.

April Mullen

Ashley Wolstat

Erica Cox

Melissa Jane Shaw


"Murdoch Mysteries"

season 2, episode: "Houdini Whodunit"

A slightly more risque episode.

Helene Joy: bare back

Sarah Gadon: down to her bloomers



Mary Higgins Clark's "Loves Music, Loves to Dance"


Tamsen McDonough: boob almost falling out of her dress


"War of the Worlds"

(1988 TV series)

First season was released to DVD in 2005 to latch on to the publicity from the Tom Cruise movie of the same name. However the second season DVD set never followed.

Cindy Fidler: cameltoe

Sharolyn Sparrow: bra and panties

Deborah Wakeham: wearing very clingy blouse

Kim Cayer: very sexy as hooker

Guylaine St-Onge: tight sweater


"Fast Track"

(TV series, 1997-1998)

Monica Talma has been ID'ed as one of the topless euro-babes in episode "Deconstructing Eagle Ridge." She first had a small credited part as a waitress in the pilot episode.



Face Down


Cindy Fidler was the stuntbutt for Kelli Maroney for the rough rape scene.


"Rock 'n Roll Nightmare"


Lara Daans in a very early bit role as a groupie, although not nude.








Vikki Blows

Bai Ling, yet again


Daryl Hannah in Splash. Nice HD caps.

More HD. Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair


Film Clips

This is pretty cool. It's an episode of The Avengers where Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) is dressed like Robin Hood, and her top doesn't cover the bottom half of her butt. I wonder if this episode ever aired in the States. It would have been extremely risque for mid-60s TV in the USA.

In case you are curious, Dame Diana Rigg is still acting, and looks like this.