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Turistas (2006) is set in Brazil. Gringo tourists are captured for organ harvest and must escape. Of course, this part is limited to act three, after an hour of expository scenes, and is shot in near darkness so it is nearly impossible to see what is going on. They are traveling by bus when the bus crashes. Bored waiting for another bus, they walk to a private beach and bar, where they are drugged, robbed, and then escorted to the doctor's house. I wish there was something interesting to say about the film, but I can't think what it would be.

IMDb readers say 3.2. It earned $7.03 Meg against a $10 Meg budget. Berardinelli was generous at two stars. Had the film done more in the hour of exposition, and tried adding a few light bulbs in act three, it might have risen to a C-. As it is, it is a D.

Scoop's notes:

I'm so glad Tuna covered this. I have had it on my desk for two days, and I really didn't want to watch it. It sounds like it was every bit as bad as I feared.

Beau Garrett ...

... and Lucy Ramos show breasts.









Teenage Bride

Sharon Kelly again - more from Teenage Bride. "Beaver" shots and "Tool Time" action in these caps and five clips.







A Girl to Die For

Chuck (Sasha Jenson), an Ohio transfer student meets Sue (Karen Medak), a beautiful coed, while registering for classes at Pepperdine University. Chuck is a bit of a wimp as the seductive Sue manipulates him to do her bidding under the guise of a game. They have so much fun beating the bill at an expensive restaurant that Sue persuades Chuck to steal a flashy sports car and break into a high-rise office building after hours. They are nearly caught but make a daring escape down a window washer's platform and flee in the sports car. When Chuck decides he's had enough, Sue confesses it was all a game and she was just teasing him. She says the car is hers, she has an  account at the restaurant, and the office is her uncle's.

When she tells Chuck they are so great together that they could even kill someone just for the thrill, Chuck can't be sure if she's serious or joking.


Karen Medak






The Winter Guest

Emma Thompson






Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 17

Season 3, Eps  14 and16

(nothing capworthy in 13 or 15)

Tammy MacIntosh, S3, E16

Gigi Edgley, S3, E16

Claudia Black, S3, E14

Claudia Black, S3, E14











Regina Nemni



Ele Keats



Luisa Ranieri










Scandal is - Oh, hell, I don't know what to call it - a historical drama, I suppose, about the Profumo scandal which rocked the British government in the early sixties. For those of you too young or insufficiently British to appreciate the subject matter, it was sort of a Watergate with tits. Imagine if Nixon had been horny instead of paranoid, and you'll have the general idea. Bridget Fonda and Joanne Whalley were quite young, and Bridget removed her top in their dancing scene. Britt Eckland also got topless.


You younger guys can't appreciate it because the scene is very tame and Farrah is now an old crazy lady, but we older guys went nuts when Farrah Fawcett exposed her chest in Saturn 3, even if we did have to look at Kirk Douglas's elderly body to get a peek.


Natalie Dormer in The Tudors, S1E3. (She plays Anne Boleyn). This Irish-made series is airing now on Showtime and in other English-speaking nations. You can watch the first two episodes, in their entirety, here. Unfortunately, Natalie doesn't whip 'em out until episode three.


Film clip here.

Cap to the right

Jessica Biel in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Wow! That is one beautiful woman. Find the complete trailer at Other Crap, as well as a link to the HD version.


Kader Loth (former Pet of the Year) just hanging out somewhere.

Pat's comments in yellow...

Garth M. Flaherty, 24, of Pullman, Washington, was arrested for theft and burglary for allegedly stealing women's panties and bras from laundry rooms.  In his bedroom, police found 93 pounds of women's underwear, or about 1,500 garments, enough to fill five garbage bags.  A police spokesman said it probably won't be returned to its owners because "would you want them back?  I think not."  He added
that Flaherty told police "he had a problem."

*  Not enough closet space.

An unnamed man in his 40s was banned from the University of California, Santa Cruz, campus for two weeks after he was caught secretly videotaping women's feet in the science library.  A university spokesman said the man was embarrassed and promised not to return.  But no charges were filed because it's not illegal to videotape feet. 

*  You'd think it would make him an arch criminal.

Michigan Daily reports that at the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity were eating in the dining room when a woman in her 20s walked in, took off her clothes, and started masturbating. They asked her to leave and she refused; then they asked if she was all right, and she said she was fine.  She continued masturbating for half an hour; and at one point, she made a call on her cell phone.  The frat guys finally called police, but she'd left by the time they arrived, and they've yet to locate her.  A frat spokesman said she might have been on drugs, since it was not how a normal person would've responded to them. 

*  Normally, no woman responds to them by taking off her clothes and having an orgasm.

*  It's so annoying when people use cell phones in the dining room!  They just want to call attention to themselves! 

*   This story is pretty hard to believe: a bunch of frat boys asked a naked woman to LEAVE?!


Last night, 80's supermodel Paulina Porizkova was the first person voted off ABC's "Dancing with the Stars".

* You know you suck at dancing when you're beaten by Cliff the Mailman and a chick with one leg.

Wynonna Judd filed for divorce from her husband after he was charged in Texas with having sex with someone under 13.

* Or as country singers call that, "Tuesday."