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The only flesh in the first two episodes of Secret Diary of a Callgirl was "pause button" nudity.

Example: Sanne Langelaar

Here's Ida Engvoll in the latest episode of Der Kommissar und das Meer in 720p

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Aesthete moves on to season three.



Kim Delaney




Helena Noguerra collages


Staying in the Orient this week, with movies mainly from China but there’s a few from some other countries. Identification is sometimes difficult as my understand of the writing systems is zilch, and the IMDB is not always helpful.

Today: more from China

Empire of Silver

Lei Hao is topless in Empire of Silver aka Baiyin diguo (2009).


Exiled aka Fong juk (2006) shows Ellen Chan topless.


Exodus aka Cheut ai kup gei (2007) sees Irene Wan in her underwear.

Golden Chicken

Sandra Ng is in her underwear in Golden Chicken aka Gam gai (2002).

Hand of Death

Hand of Death aka Tian xia di yi quan (1972) has an unknown woman topless.

John Rabe

Jingchu Zhang is topless in John Rabe (2009)

and several women show the lot.

Jamon, Jamon


Redux time again featuring Penélope Cruz in her very first movie Jamón, Jamón (either that or Belle Epoque). Absolutely epic over-the-top melodrama from Bigas Luna, never one to be accused of subtlety, the first of his Iberian Trilogy (also featuring the Javier Bardem starring macho melodrama Huevos de Oro - Golden Balls and a movie all about Mathilde May's wonderful breasts, La Teta y la Luna - The Tit and the Moon). Everyone's in cracking form here, especially Javier Bardem as the meat obsessed bull fighter wannabe who is paid to 'persuade' Penélope Cruz to be with him which causes a series of events that end in tragedy. Plus everyone is fucking one another.

It's completely ludicrous, but I love every minute of it including its extremely overwrought ending. Haven't seen the other two movies, Huevos de Oro and La Teta y la Luna, since the 90s although I have Huevos on DVD somewhere around here. Hopefully they'll get a Bluray release soon enough.

Penelope Cruz 1080hd film clips

Penelope Cruz HD screen grabs (collages below)

TV and Film Clips

Stephanie Sokolinski (aka Soko) playing London's 100 Club (March 26) in a soundless cam

Isidora Simijonovic in Klip (2012) in 1080hd

Jennifer Jostyn in Conception (2011)

Nola Hand in Gone With The Pope (2010) in 720p (NSFE - not safe for eyes)

Some great nudity from Gretchen Palmer in a 1996 episode of Tales From The Crypt (720p)

Robin Givens in A Rage In Harlem (1991) in 720p

Isela Vega in Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974) in 1080hd

Pics and Collages

Two collages from separate pages of the Virginie Ledoyen photoshoot