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Sexual Escapades


Two men open a tropical resort on a shoe string. Their yacht is a dinghy and their golf course is an office putting toy! Rhey hire Amber Michaels to help them make a late night commercial. After the filming, one of them has sex with a willing Michaels to use up the time they paid for. Girlfriends Monica Mahem and Ann Marie see the commercial, have sex together to satisfy the girl/girl requirement, then head off to Escapades and their dream vacation. It doesn't take them long to figure out that they are the first paying guests, and that the ads stretched the truth a little. However, after both of them have sex with the two guys, they decide to help out and become partners in the club.

While the plot is nearly non-existent, and the sex scenes are long and boring, I did like the performers. Both guys seemed like people that actually could get laid, and the girls were eager and friendly. That alone makes it watchable.


Amber Michaels shows breasts. Monica Mahem and Ann Marie show everything.


Amber Michaels

Monica Mayhem

Ann Marie









Evil Spawn


Today is a bad movie day and I mean really bad. We went back to 1987 for the horror flick Evil Spawn. Not only is the movie bad, but this DVD doesn't even have the quality of a decent VHS tape. So we will call this a public service day: don't rent it, don't buy it. The highlights are all right here.

Bobbie Bresee shows off her tits. Caps and a clip.

Pamela Gilbert does full frontal in these caps and two clips before she gets eaten by the evil spawn.






Notes and collages



Jenliee Harrison

part 2 of 2









Disappearing Lingerie


There will be three women from this vid. The second is Brooke Bradford

Film clips here. Sample below.









Nice picture of Emmanuelle Beart in her extreme hotness era.

Senta Berger in Diabolically Yours. This may not seem like much, but its the first time she flashed any flesh! It turned out to be the first of many.

A comprehensive look at Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary, including some sexy non-nude scenes.



Film Clips


Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd in Norman Jean and Marilyn

The women/girls of Private School:

Three nude appearances from Stefania Rocca

Finally, Zara Whites in Joy in San Francisco