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Critical is a new medical drama from the UK. Chloe Driver exposed her enormous breasts in episode five.

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Aesthete moves on to season three.



Kim Delaney


When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth


Victoria Vetri collages


Staying in the Orient this week, with movies mainly from China but there’s a few from some other countries. Identification is sometimes difficult as my understand of the writing systems is zilch, and the IMDB is not always helpful.

Today: more from China

36 Crazy Fists

36 Crazy Fists aka San shi liu mi xing quan (1977) shows an unknown girl topless.

Armour of God

A topless human sacrifice appears in Armour of God aka Long xiong hu di (1986).

The Banquet

Ziyi Zhang bares a lovely bum in The Banquet aka Ye yan (2006)

and Xun Zhou looks good.

Blind Shaft

Blind Shaft aka Mang jing (2003) has Jing Ai,

Li Yan

and an unknown woman all topless.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Ziyi Zhang shows some pokies in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon aka Wo hu cang long (2000).


Dumplings aka Jiao zi (2004) is one weird film. Pauline Lau shows some side-boob

and Bai Ling is down to her underwear. 

Abre Los Ojos


Penelope Cruz 1080hd film clip (collage below)

TV and Film Clips

Natasha Blasick and Alana Forte in Playing with Dolls (2015) in 1080hd

Alice Braga in Kill Me Three Times (2014) in 720p

Liz Douglas in Flight Of The Cardinal (2010) in 720p

Greta Gerwig in Hannah Takes the Stairs (2007) in 720p

Anne Heywood in Good Luck Miss Wyckoff (1979). I don't even remember this film, but it's based on a story by William Inge, the man who wrote Picnic. This film is available in Blu-Ray, unbelievably enough, but this clip appears to be an upscaled VHS, and is in a TV aspect ratio. It's a graphic, nasty scene.

Pics and Collages

Jessica Alba in a bikini Friday

Rita Ora out and about in a see-through


Colombian Model Isabella Obregon

Virginie Ledoyen's recent photoshoot for Lui saddened me, not because she doesn't look good (her slim body looks great), but because she's now at the stage in life where she has to paint her eyes like a raccoon to hide her age lines. That's always the first sign that an actress will be moving on from those lucrative "fuckable" roles to the status of a wise (or desperate) older woman. The last time I looked, she was a kid, and then I turned my back for a minute and she turned into a woman nearly 40. It hardly seems possible that the Danny Boyle film in which she co-starred with pre-superstar DiCaprio, came out almost 15 years ago. She might have become a major star if not for the fact that The Beach may have been the worst movie Leo and Danny ever agreed to do (19% positive reviews). It wasn't bad enough to scuttle their careers, but it drove a nail in Virginie's chances to break out to true global stardom.

Brandi Glanville on the latest Real Housewives

A snap from the Taylor Swift possible nip-slip .gif, which may or may not show anything.