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For the next couple of weeks I have decided to go softcore. There’s no real theme for the movies this week except the word bikini appears in the title. Beverly Lynne, in particular, also appears a lot and she seems to have spent a lot of the last 15 or so years naked. Another popular actress is Christine Nguyen. Like most softcore, the plot is not central to the movie and is just there to join together two simulated sex scenes.

Today's "bikini" classics come from 2006-2010:

Bikini Pirates


The women are:

Beverly Lynne

Cassie Young

Nicole Sheridan

Rebecca Love

Ariana Jollee and Roxanna Hall are together in the DVD extras

Bikini Royale 2


The women are:

Beverly Lynne

Ashley West

Brandin Rackley

Jayden Cole

Justine Farrer


TV/Film Clips

Jasmine Trinca in Miele (2013)

Bibiana Beglau in Unter dem Eis (2005)

Dina Meyer in Poodle Springs - my perfect movie, given that it features a Raymond Chandler story about Philip Marlowe, with Joe Don Baker, and Dina Meyer naked. There's your Scoopy trifecta right there. It's also an interesting story, although it was an HBO film rather than a theatrical release. I reviewed this many years ago.

Sorcha Brooks in The Big Swap (1998)

Miou-Miou in Dog Day (1984)

Lynne Frederick in Four of the Apocalypse (1975)

Lynne Frederick again in Largo Retorno (also 1975)


Vicky Harris and Valeria Christodoulidou in See You in Hell My Darling (1999)