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Demons Never Die


Demons Never Die is a slasher horror thriller about a group of students who get together online and chat. Called the Suicide Kids, each has their own problems and when one of the group apparently kills themselves, the group plans to kill themselves after a party held by Ashleigh (Shanika Warren-Markland). Archie (Robert Sheehan) has developed a thing for Jasmine (Jennie Jacques) and they finally get together, just as they are to kill themselves. Except, it seems some of the gang are killing themselves earlier than expected. But when Jasmine escapes a masked killer, they realise they are being targetted. And it all comes to a head at the party. Hmm... stock standard thriller here, nothing special and at times it's actually pretty ordinary. The idea of a suicide pact is handled in such a blasé way that it's hard to take this film seriously. And that's the problem, these people want to kill themselves, but they have a problem with being killed? Seriously? Bah! I only watched the film for Jennie Jacques, who I've espoused a liking to one this site a few times and she doesn't disappoint. Even the usually comical Robert Sheehan seems out of place here. And the killer? Who cares?

Jennie Jacques - 1080hd clip



Shanyn Leigh in 4:44 Last Day On Earth (2011)

Marie Denarnaud in Les Adoptes (2011)

Bien de Moor in Code Blue (2011) in hd1080

various women in Marie (2009)

Natalia Verbeke in Arritmia (2007)

Idalis DeLeon and Lana Parrilla in Very Mean Men (2000)

Lana Parrilla collage. Lana is now in Once Upon a Time

Idalis de Leon collage.

Melanie Griffith in Stormy Monday (1988) in hd1080

and the requisite exploitation classic: Arabella (1989)

Ida Galli and and Valentina Visconti

Tini Cansino


a Rita Rusic wardrobe malfunction

Emma Cooper in Pimp (2012)

Yasmin Mitri in Pimp (2012)

Elise in Pimp (2012)

Emily Addison in Celebrity Sex Tape (2012)

Maura Murphy in Celebrity Sex Tape

Angie Savage in Celebrity Sex Tape

Erika Jordan in Celebrity Sex Tape

Christine Nguyen in Celebrity Sex Tape

Amanda Ward in Celebrity Sex Tape

Julie Barzman in Celebrity Sex Tape (DVD special features)

Candice Swanepoel in the new GQ

Kate Moss

Susan Sarandon, back in the day (I guess these have been enhanced by Photoshop)

Amber English in 2-Headed Shark Attack

Cynthia Robinson in Spartacus, s2e9

Francesca Neri in Live Flesh

Hanna Mangan Lawrence in Spartacus, s2e9

Leela Savasta in Masters of Horror, s1e2

Liza del Sierra in Villa Captive

Melissa Benoist in Homeland, s1e2

Viva Bianca in Spartacus, s2e9

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