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Pretty good movie. VERY good nudity.

Salma Hayek film clips.


Lucia Bravo film clips.


Ivana Sejenovich film clips.


Mia Maestro film clips.









TV Land

First up today we have Blake Lively with a very nice leg & thigh show as she visits Letterman. Caps and a clip.


Then Spencer Grammer ( Kelsey's daughter ) from the TV show "Greek"
pays a visit to the ladies of "The View". She is wearing a really short skirt.
Caps and a clip.







Notes and collages

"Over There"

2005 TV series

Brigid Brannagh


The Dark Room


Cristin Michelle


Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde


Martine Beswick

Where is she now?









The New Beverly Hills Girls


Part 3 of 3

Another piece of excellent detective work from Scorpion. The quality is quite good, considering that the film has never been issued on Region 1 DVD.

Today: Becky LeBeau. Sample below.







The 18-Year-Old Virgin


Yes, here we have yet another coming-of-age comedy about an 18 year-old trying to lose their virginity. And yes, it's funny, but not all that funny. But this 2008 entry does have a couple differences. It is done from the female prospective, and both the main character Kate (Olivia Alaina May) and her sidekick Rose (Lauren Walsh, who is the cuter of the two), do some nice nudity.

The plot is as obvious as the title, so suffice it to say that at a high school graduation party, Kate tries several times to lose her virginity, with laughable but not really hilarious results.

The movie is plenty crude and rude, at least in the unrated version, and the nudity is also quite plentiful and nice, especially from the middle of the movie on, but overall, it's fairly lame and nothing really special. The nudity saves it from being a total waste.

Crystal Baker Karmen Morales Lauren Walsh Olivia Alaina








Anna Beatriz Barros

Rachel Bilson

Holly Hunter again flashes the buns on this week's Saving Grace

Toni Collette flashes the boobs in this week's United States of Tara

Earlier this year, Toni Collette flashed the back side on that show

Bai Ling, jumbo size


Film Clips