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Jenliee Harrison

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Exterminating Angels


Today we have kind of an off-beat quirky French movie, The Exterminating Angels. A movie maker is doing a film-within-this-film about lesbian women. His casting couch tactics give us an opportunity for some rather nice nudity from some attractive women.

Apolline Louis has a minor role and shows tits and brief bush.

Lise Bellynck is the first of his actresses to be cast and shows off it all in her audition. Caps and two clips.

More of the same from Marie Allen as she spreads her legs. Caps and a clip.

Lise Bellynck has a lesbo session with Maroussia Dubreuil who bares all. Caps and a clip.

And then there were three as Lise Bellynck, Maroussia Dubreuil & Marie Allen really get it on. Caps and two clips.








Disappearing Lingerie


There will be three women from this vid. The first is Angel Veil.

Film clips here. Sample below.









Here's France's first lady, Carla Bruni,  in her extreme hotness era.

These pics are either not in the encyclopedia or upgrades of the ones there.

And here's the whole set of Keeley Hazell doing her thing at the beach.

Two of La Lohan without a bra.

And the scene which must be the greatest nude scene in the history of broadcast network TV: Charlotte Ross in NYPD Blue

Film Clips