"Boa vs. Python"

Boa vs. Python (2004 TV) I suppose was inevitable, in the same way that Godzilla had to meet Mothra, King Kong had to meet Godzilla, etc. Rule one, when you base a movie on a battle between super monsters, you need to put a lot of effort into the special effects, or it comes off as just plain silly. Rule two, since this is science fiction, check your science, and either invent new devices and terms for them, or find out what current real devices actually do. Finally, you need to pit the monsters against each other in an interesting plot.

Unfortunately, they skipped all three steps in this film. The cgi generated snakes are not at all good, and are shown for far too long in too much light. They have a GPS device that works underground in metal tunnels, and detects all life forms in the tunnels. Sorry folks, GPS doesn't do that. It must have line of sight access to three satellites, and it tells you where you are. With the addition of mapping software, it can locate you on a map. Rather than tell the story they advertised, Boa vs. Python, they tell the story of scientists vs. big game hunters vs. FBI, all in the Philadelphia water treatment tunnels.

However, there were a lot of good things about this film. Top of the list is full frontal and rear nudity from Angel Boris, as the girlfriend of a wealthy casino owner and organizer of the big game hunters. There is also topless action near the end of the film from several painted dancers, and lots of girls in thongs around a Miami swimming pool. Most interesting to me was the detail in unimportant subplots, not related to the main story line. As an example, they locate scientist Jaime Bergman at a swimming pool in Miami, where she is engaged in a pecker contest (holding your breath under water) with a Navy UDT gorilla. She wins by flashing her tits at him underwater. Very clever scene (even though we don't see the breasts), and not germane to the plot. The film was full of such moments.

This leads me to an inevitable conclusion. Give director David Flores a real script and a budget, and I suspect he will turn out a very nice film. Despite the fatal flaws, I watched it beginning to end without a single click on fast forward, making it a C-.

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    • Hookers: doing what comes naturally in bed, jumping up and down in their underwear.

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