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"The Long Riders" (1980)

The Long Riders (1980) is the story of the Younger Gang. The Youngers are played by the brothers Carradine, Frank and Jesse James by Stacy and James Keach, and the Millers by Dennis and Randy Quaid. The film is praised for its great cast, and gritty realism. Pamela Reed shows breasts in a mirror, and buns getting out of the tub in the role of the prostitute, Belle Starr. The film is well photographed, and is shot in picturesque locations. The Western sets are consistent with the obvious attention to realism. There is also a breast shot of an actress I couldn't identify.

Maltin awards 3 stars, and IMDB readers have it at 7.0/10, or about the same level. This film is better than just a Western, and is probably a B-.

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    New to DVD

    My turn on the immortal cinema classic Reform School Girls. When you assemble the images, the film is much better than thought. Lots of nudity, well filmed, clear, fun to look at. I think I said that I don't know whether it's a lurid, sensationalist picture, or whether it makes fun of lurid, sensationalist pictures. Does it really matter? Are you looking at it for the subtle satire and social conscience. Hey, it ain't American Friggin' Beauty.

    Linda Carol (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Wendy O Williams (1, 2, 3)

    Sherry Stoner

    Denise Gordy

    Various (1, 2)

    Silly Notes

    I've always been fascinated by stars who lie about their age or height. Since I started doing vidcaps, I have been able to determine a lot more about these fabrications.

    • TIM ROBBINS and JOHN CUSACK. I noticed in High Fidelity that there is a lot more than two inches difference between their heights. I was able to find some sections of Tapeheads that show them standing next to each other with their entire bodies on camera, which means we can determine the proportions. Here's the scoop: if Robbins is his reported 6'5", then Cusack is 6". If Cusack is his reported 6'3", then Robbins is 6'8". So what is the truth? I don't think Robbins is 6'8". My best guess is: Robbins 6' 6 1/2", Cusack 6' 1 1/2", splitting the difference and assuming each lied by an inch and a half. Robbins didn't want to be thought of as a tall stroky guy, and Cusack wanted to create a more impressive persona to make him fit a wider range of roles.

      Jr. Here...if it helps, I ran into Cusack about a year ago in Malibu. I was surprised by how tall he really was and put him at about 6' 4" in tennis shoes.

    A few thoughts on "Map of the World". I was so impressed by r3mdh's find, that I did a few comparisons and re-edits of his work and the DVD caps.

    • The first comparison shows how much of Sigourney's lower half was lost on the DVD (or, more precisely, added on the VHS version).

    • The second comparison shows the exact proportions from a full frame capture by Tuna (DVD) and r3mdh (VHS). If you read the widescreen/fullscreen article, and you're exceptionally sharp, you'll notice that the widescreen is actually fractionally wider than the VHS, but the VHS is a full matte version, so how can that be? The reason is that a VHS at full matte is not EXACTLY the same as a 35mm negative. A neg is 1.37:1, and a VHS is 1.33 to one, so assuming no bars on the top and bottom, there will always be about 3% of the image from the neg missing from the left, right, or both in the TV version. On the other hand, the widescreen version is the entire neg left to right, but missing various info top and bottom. Please remember that you're not getting ripped off, or a censored pic. What you see on the DVD should match the theatrical screen version. .............. in theory.

    • HOWEVER, let me point out that this DVD has a completely remastered print which has been "anamorphically enhanced". I'm not sure exactly what that means, but the practical upshoot is that it plays on a PC the same as an anamorphic film: it produces a 16x9 image with no bars on the top of bottom, so you'd never know of the existence of all that additional information that r3mdh found on the VHS, because theoretically a VHS version of anamorphic films has to be pan&scan, not full matte. (You probably know of the massive difference between the Star Wars widescreen and the pan&scanned full screen.) Or, to put it more simply - they made Map of the World look like an anamorphic film on the DVD, and you'd never suspect the existence of a full matte version on the tape, if not for our intrepid investigator, Mr. r3mdh. Good, job, dude!

    • The third one isn't a comparison at all. I just gussied up one of his captures in Sunday goin'-to-meetin' duds, so there will be a good record of Sig's crotch in the annals.

  • Brainscan
    Knew there would be a race to post JLo pics from the Oscars....Oh well, sloppy seconds is better than nothing. Here are 4 collages of Ms. Lopez in Oscarland. Number 3 is the mega-combo of all the indoor pics I could find. Collages one and two are full-size versions of the upper and lower halves of collage #3; number 4 is the outdoor pics. For very few babes out there would I have gone to such lengths, 'specially since I have a metric tonne of things to do, but for Jennifer Lopez? You betcha.

    By the way, you can add my vote to Out of Sight as a movie to watch, at least twice. Jennifer had the best line: "You wanted to tussle? We tussled."

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  • More Oscar Stuff
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    Apparently J-Lo has begun a new tradition. Every March when all of the good awards come around, she will continue to wear either more revealing, or simply less clothing. I'm guessing within 3 years she will come completely nude. Except of course for a pair of heels, a tasteful handbag, and one of those mega-bajillion karat diamond necklaces that the stars love to rent for these things.

    Thanks to Honte and Meg@bit for these images.

    Various Babes Deaf Bear put together this collage of a few of Hollywood's top ladies.

    Bjork No, seriously...who was the idiot that gave her a recording contract?

    I never thought I'd ever say this, but after watching Bjork's "performance", I really missed all of those overblown, Debbie Allen choreographed dance numbers from past award shows.

    Thanks to Honte.

    Hilary Swank Very nice cleavage from last year's Oscar winner, by Honte.

    Kate Hudson For those of you who don't know much about her husband Chris Robinson, he is the frontman for the group The Black Crowes, and a major pothead and supporter of the legalization of marijuana. Looks like Kate is as well since she was obviously stoned out of her gourd when she picked out this dress. Either that or she came straight from a dress rehearsal of "Annie Get Your Gun" and didn't have time to change.

    Pam Anderson
    (1, 2)

    Juliette Binoche

    And on the worst dressed list... Pam is the big winner of the White Trash award. (link #1) But at least she did let a nipple do an few interviews (link #2)

    Honorable mention in the worst dressed category goes to Juliette Binoche. This is the best picture I could find which may actually serve my purpose better.

    Sarah Jessica Parker I guess she didn't get the memo....The Academy Awards are a formal event, not happy hour at Friday's.

    In the spirit of the Oscars....This batch of images earns Aesthete the RDO Award for Vidcapping Excellence. (Named for RDO, one of, if not the first Fun House contributor who approached vidcapping with the goal of 'capping every single frame nudity in a movie.) This is an outstanding effort and Aesthete deserves a huge round of applause.

    For convenience, I made up a few preview thumbnail sheets.

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  • Sherilyn Fenn in "Two Moon Junction"
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46)
  • Miaou
    Virginie Ledoyen
    (1, 2)

    Boobs and mild bondage in scenes from "Fin août, début septembre" (1998).

    Vanessa Liautey
    (1, 2)

    Partial breast and bum exposure in scenes from two episodes of the French TV series "Sous le soleil".

    Laurence Masliah Topless in "Chassés-croisés" (1996).

    What happens when you take a porn star, hose her down, clean her up, and get a good photographer to shoot some B&W pics? Well, some of them actually end up looking pretty good. Here are a few familiar ladies that we're not used to seeing without things stuck in various orifices.

  • Porche Lynn
  • Kelly O'Dell
  • April Rayne
  • Savannah
  • Taylor Wayne
  • Amber Woods

  • and ...
    Courtney Love
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Topless and full frontal nudity from "The People vs Larry Flynt", by Scanman.

    Elizabeth Perkins Brief nipple sighting in scenes from "Moonlight and Valentino", also by Scanman.

    Emma Thompson A topless scene from the straight-to-cable movie "Wit". In the movie, Emma's character is diagnosed with cancer and undergoes radical chemo -which explains why she looks like the dude from "Powder" in these 'caps.

    Jane Birkin Full frontal nudity from 1973's "Projection privée". 'Caps by UC99.

    Yasmina Filali Excellent thong views of the exotic beauty as she works the pole in a strip club in scenes from the German TV series "Die Rote Meile", also by UC99.

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