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I have run into a faulty hard drive, and it will take me a bit to restore some files. Tuesday's page includes only items I had already uploaded to the server before the drive crashed (sorry, no commentary, thumbnails or pics - just film clips). Things should be normal tomorrow.

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"True Blood"

Aesthete's current series: seasons four and five in 1920x1080

Today: s5e7

Jessica Clark


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Film Clips

From Johnny Moronic: Kimberley Davenport and Lisa Schouw in Hungry Heart (1987, Australia). These are VHS caps of a rare movie.

Johanna Christine Gehlen in Tag der Abrechnung: Der Amoklaeufer von Euskirchen (1994). This is a DVD re-release of an old TV production. According to Jack Snow, it was released to capitalize on the new international fame of its star, Christophe Waltz. Mr. Snow also noted that Johanna has continued to work in TV since then, but has never done this kind of nudity again.

Elizabeth Masucci in Virgin Alexander (2012). Elizabeth is the women who played the naked prostitute on last week's The Americans. The TV show revealed her bottom, but only the side of her massive breasts, sans nipple. This particular clip gives you a full-on look at that chest!

The woman of The Career of Nikos Dyzma, a Polish film from 2002: Alexandra Kisio and Katarzyna Paskuda here and a separate clip of Anna Przybylska.

Doona Bae from Cloud Atlas (2012) again, this time in 1080p

Finally, some unknowns in the girls' locker room scene from National Lampoon's Pucked