Now that I have seen the clip from Zombie Night 2, the chick is either Maria Ibey or Sherri Lynn Bollard.
A good cast list is here.


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My Best Friend's Wife 2


My Best Friend's Wife 2 is another no-plot softcore sex film, this time somewhat saved by Akira Lane and Dru Berrymore.

Akira Lane, her marine husband, and her husband's best friend are playing paintball wars. The best friend leaves, and hubby screws Lane. Then hubby asks best friend to do anything his wife wants while he is on his annual drill week. Best friend's sister, Allysin Chaynes, does her boyfriend, then fixes her brother up with Dru Berrymore. Then Dru and Allysin do each other for no apparent reason. Finally, best friend catches on that he is expected to do Akira Lane.

That's all there is folks. Nearly no plot, three women in two sex scenes each, one of them girl/girl. Akira Lane and Dru Berrymore are enthusiastic enough to elevate this film to C-.


Akira Lane 36

Dru Barrymore 12

Allysin Chaynes 14

Chaynes and Barrymore 17








Notes and collages

Sweeney Todd


Helena Bonham Carter










Holly Hunter shows off her tits.




The Outlaw Josey Wales


Then the Time Machine goes back to 1976 for Clint Eastwood's epic western, The Outlaw Josey Wales, featuring Sandra Locke with some very brief T & A.









It's Aria Giovanni, part three, MANY more film clips (sample below)









Emmanuelle Beart in The Witnesses (2007) First five from Frypan, last two by Le Grand Charles.

Two women from the over-the-top genre film Gutterballs (not yet released). I have not seen it, but the genre fanatics think it was crazy fun.

Candice Lewald

Stephanie Schachter

Film Clips

Two mainstream stars in The Tailor of Panama (well, three if you count Pierce Brosnan): Jamie Lee Curtis and Catherine McCormack.

Anne Brochet and Carole Richert in All the Mornings of the World. It is a film about the conflict between those who pursue "ars gratia artis" and those who use their artistic talent to achieve fame and/or wealth. It is a tortuously slow and self-important French film which is so depressing it makes Leonard Cohen seem like an Up With People kid. To make matters worse, the first ten minutes of the film basically consist of a single camera shot of Depardieu's face, not only in close-up, but covered with old age make-up. That should have added up to a film I hated, but it did not. I disliked the first ten minutes, but came to appreciate the film a great deal once it got away from the framing device and to the story proper. The nudity didn't hurt at all. I wasn't the only one who was impressed. The film won the Best Picture Cesar in 1992.

Diane Keaton's funny full-frontal scene in Something's Gotta Give, also featuring Jack Nicholson.

Inga Busch in Stadt als Beute

Marlene Forte in Adrift in Manhattan